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Feeling like you missed out on the 2021 movies? Well, worry not! We are presenting you with the 50 movies of 2021. Exclusive for you to check out. So, get that checklist ready and pick out those next on your list! 

1) 2021 Movies: The Last Duel

Jean de Carrouges holds a stellar reputation among knights for bravery and military prowess. Squire Jacques Le Gris is one of the most well-liked members of the nobility due to his impressive wit and wisdom. Despite the danger she puts herself in by coming forward with the accusation that Le Gris severely assaulted her, Carrouges’s wife does just that. The outcome of the next trial by battle, a brutal duel to the death, is up to the Almighty.

2) 2021 Movies: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi, a martial arts expert, is lured into the web of the shadowy Ten Rings organisation and is forced to confront his past.

3) 2021 Movies: Dune

Young Paul Atreides, born into a grand destiny beyond his comprehension, must risk his life on the most deadly planet in the cosmos to protect his loved ones and his people. When evil forces clash to control the planet’s supply of the world’s rarest commodity, only those who can overcome their fears will emerge victorious.

4) 2021 Movies: Spider-Man: No Way Home

Now that Peter Parker has been exposed as Spider-Man, he can no longer keep his secret identity and the tremendous risks of being a superhero separate. Peter’s decision to seek Doctor Strange’s assistance raises the stakes, compelling him to come to terms with what it means to be Spider-Man.

5) 2021 Netflix Movies: Army of the Dead

A group of mercenaries decides to risk everything and enter the quarantine zone after a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas to complete an impossible robbery.

6) 2021 Movies: The Matrix Resurrections

Mr Anderson, alias Neo, must pursue the white rabbit once more to learn whether his world is a physical or mental creation. If there’s one thing he’s learned, free will is an illusion yet the only path in or out of the Matrix. But Neo still needs to realise that the Matrix is more robust, secure, and dangerous than ever before.

7) 2021 Movies: Raya and the Last Dragon

Once upon a time, dragons and humans coexisted together in the fantastical realm of Kumandra. However, when the evil Druun creatures appeared, the dragons died to preserve the human race. After 500 years, the same creatures have returned, and it’s up to a lone warrior to find the last remaining dragon and end the Druun once and for all.

8) 2021 Movies: The Green Knight

The feisty nephew of King Arthur sets out on a dangerous mission to face the Green Knight, a strange giant who has suddenly appeared in Camelot. He embarks on a dangerous journey to prove himself to his family and the court.

9) 2021 Movies: No Time to Die

After retiring from active duty, James Bond settled down in Jamaica. But his calm is short-lived, as his former CIA colleague Felix Leiter unexpectedly appears and begs for assistance. Bond is on the trail of a mystery enemy equipped with hazardous new technology, and the mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist proves to be far more dangerous than anybody had anticipated.

10) 2021 Movies: Black Widow

When a difficult scheme with connections to her past develops, Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow, must face the darkest portions of her ledger. Natasha has to face her past as a spy and the damaged relationships she left behind long before she became an Avenger, all while being pursued by a force that would stop at nothing to bring her down.

11) 2021 Movies: Nobody

When burglars sneak into Hutch Mansell’s suburban house one night, he is helpless to protect his family. The fallout from the encounter lights a fire under his pent-up wrath. Now, amid a hail of fists, bullets, and screeching tyres, Hutch must protect his family from an ominous foe and make sure he is never taken lightly again.

12) 2021 Movies: Mortal Kombat

MMA fighter Cole Young, on the run from the terrifying warrior Sub-Zero, seeks refuge at the temple of Lord Raiden. Cole prepares to stand with Earth’s finest warriors against the foes from Outworld in a high-stakes battle for the universe by training with veteran fighters Liu Kang, Kung Lao, and the renegade mercenary Kano.

13) 2021 Movies: Jungle Cruise

To navigate the Amazon River, Dr Lily Houghton hires the services of the witty captain Frank Wolff. They team together to find a legendary tree with medicinal properties, hoping to make a discovery that would alter the course of medical history.

14) 2021 Movies: Luca

The original animated film is a coming-of-age narrative about a little kid who spends an incredible summer in a picturesque coastal town on the Italian Riviera, where he indulges in his favourite foods (gelato, pasta, and endless scooter rides). Even while Luca and his new best buddy are having a great time, their excitement is challenged by a dark secret: Luca is actually a sea monster from another world who lives just below the water’s surface.

15) 2021 Movies: Encanto

The Madrigals are a remarkable family that live in the Colombian highlands, in a mystical region known as the Encanto. Except for Mirabel, the enchantment of the Encanto has bestowed a unique talent on every one of the family’s children. However, when she learns that Encanto’s power is in jeopardy, she may become the Madrigals’ final hope.

16) 2021 Movies: Free Guy

A bank teller realises he is only a supporting character in an open-world computer game. So, he chooses to control his destiny and write his own ending. He plans to save the day his way in this world with no boundaries and maybe even fall in love with the programmer who created him.

17) 2021 Movies: Nightmare Alley

When Stanton Carlisle, a down-on-his-luck New Yorker in the 1940s, visits a travelling carnival, he quickly becomes friends with a clairvoyant and her husband, a mentalist. With his newfound wisdom, Carlisle devises a plan to rip off the country’s elite and affluent. An ambitious con artist, he quickly concocts a plan to rip off a dangerous billionaire with the aid of a shadowy psychologist who may prove to be his most deadly foe to date.

18) 2021 Movies: F9

Dom Toretto, Letty, and their kid enjoy a calm, off-the-grid existence, but they are well aware of the threat that may appear at any moment. To protect the people he cares about most, Dom must face his own demons and make amends for his previous mistakes this time. Dom’s abandoned brother is the deadliest assassin and fastest driver his group has ever met. They quickly create a cohesive unit to foil his scheme.

19) 2021 Netflix Movies: The Mitchells vs the Machines

Katie Mitchell, a young girl about to begin her first year of film school, packs up her dog, her younger brother, and their dog on a cross-country road trip. However, their family time together is cut short as the world’s technological gadgets rise up in rebellion. The Mitchells, aided by two helpful robots, must band together to defend themselves and the world from the consequences of the information age.

20) 2021 Movies: The King’s Man

Only one guy can stop the worst dictators and criminals in history from starting a war that might kill millions of people and bring an end to humankind. He has to do it as quickly as possible.

21) 2021 Movies: In the Heights

A pot of hot coffee wafts through the air outside the 181st St. subway stop in Washington Heights, New York, where a kaleidoscope of aspirations has galvanised a dynamic and close-knit neighbourhood. All roads lead to a charismatic bodega owner who dreams of a better life and sings about it.

22) 2021 Movies: Cruella

Clever and youthful, Estella is a con artist with big dreams. She quickly befriends two crooks who share her zest for mischief and sets out to make a living for herself in London’s underworld. Estella is a kind girl until she meets fashion icon Baroness von Hellman. At this point, she unleashes her inner Cruella and sets out to exact her vengeance.

23) 2021 Netflix Movies: Red Notice

In the criminal underworld, an Interpol agent goes after the most wanted art thief in the world.

24) 2021 Movies: Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Still, Eddie Brock is finding it difficult to live with the alien symbiote Venom, who may assume various forms. Brock and Venom have to put aside their differences if they want to halt the rampage of crazed serial murderer Cletus Kasady, who also becomes host to an extraterrestrial symbiote.

25) 2021 Movies: Chaos Walking

Todd was raised to think that the ladies of Prentisstown were wiped off by a bacterium released by the Spackle while the males were subjected to the Noise. His surrogate parents instruct him to escape when he finds a quiet area in the middle of the swamp, and he does so with just a map of the New World, a message, and many questions. He quickly discovers that a young lady named Viola is keeping everyone quiet.

26) 2021 Movies: Old

It is a suspenseful tale about a family on vacation in the tropics who spend a few hours lounging on a deserted beach, only to learn that their life has been compressed into 24 hours.

27) 2021 Movies: Last Night in Soho

A young woman with dreams of being a fashion designer somehow travels back to the 1960s, where she meets a charismatic want to be a singer. But the glitz isn’t what it seems, as broken hopes from the past reveal a harsher reality.

28) 2021 Movies: Wrath of Man

The new cash truck security guard, mysterious and wild-eyed, stuns his coworkers with his pinpoint accuracy during a theft. Nobody on the crew knows anything about him or where he came from. As the marksman takes drastic, irreversible action to settle a score, his true motivation becomes obvious.

29) 2021 Movies: A Boy Called Christmas

A regular kid named Nikolas goes on an epic journey to the frozen north to find his father, who has gone on a mission to Elfhelm, the legendary elven settlement. Nikolas takes his beloved mouse, Mousey, and his aggressive reindeer, Blitzen, with him on his journey and soon discovers that he has arrived at his destiny.

30) 2021 Netflix Movies: The Power of the Dog

When his brother brings home a new bride and her son, a dominant rancher replies with sarcastic brutality until something unexpected happens.

31) 2021 Movies: West Side Story

Tony, a high school student in New York City in 1957, falls in love with Maria at first sight. This blossoming passion only serves to heighten tensions between the Jets and the Sharks, two competing gangs battling for control of the streets.

32) 2021 Movies: CODA

Ruby is from a family of deaf people in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and she is the only one who can hear. She helps her family’s fishing company thrive by working early mornings before school starts. But after joining the choir at her high school, Ruby is captivated by both her duet partner and her hidden talent for singing.

33) 2021 Movies: Sing 2

Do-it-yourself koala In the sparkling entertainment centre of the globe, Buster Moon and his all-star ensemble of animal performers are getting ready to debut a magnificent stage spectacle. But there’s a catch: he needs to track down the most elusive rock star in history and convince him to join them. What starts as Buster’s hope for fame and fortune becomes a sad reminder of the therapeutic potential of music. For more children’s content, we suggest giving Learning Mole a go.

34) 2021 Movies: Tom and Jerry

When Jerry moves into New York City’s finest hotel on the night of the wedding of the century, the event planner is forced to employ Tom to get rid of him and reignite their epic rivalry. As chaos erupts, the cat-and-mouse game threatens to ruin her professional life, the wedding, and even the hotel.

35) 2021 Movies: The Black Phone

Teenager Finney Shaw, both timid and intelligent, is being kept captive by a vicious, disguised killer in a cellar with soundproof walls. When a wall phone begins ringing for no apparent reason, Finney quickly learns that the voices he hears belong to the killer’s prior victims, who are determined to spare him the same fate.

36) 2021 Netflix Movies: Space Sweepers

The crew of the Spaceship Victory recovered a little child, aged seven, from the wreckage of a space shuttle they captured in their most recent debris hunt. Because she is the humanoid robot sought by UTS Space Guards, they have decided to hold her for ransom.

37) 2021 Movies: Prisoners of the Ghostland

A powerful warlord, whose adopted granddaughter has disappeared from the perilous frontier settlement of Samurai Town, pays for the release of a violent bank robber. He gives the prisoner his freedom in exchange for bringing back the fugitive. The outlaw packs his bags and goes out searching for the girl and his own salvation while strapped into a leather outfit that will detonate in five days.

38) 2021 Movies: The Card Counter

William Tell, a gambler and veteran of the military, sets out to change the ways of a young man bent on vengeance. Let’s just say Tell wants to play some cards. His life on the casino circuit is turned upside down when a young guy named Kirk, both vulnerable and enraged, approaches him for assistance in carrying out his revenge plot against a military colonel. Through his friendship with Kirk, Tell believes he can make amends with the world.

39) 2021 Movies: Godzilla vs Kong

Kong and his guardians set out on a dangerous mission to locate his original homeland. Jia, a young woman without a family, shares this adventure with the giant beast with whom she has a unique and profound link. But they are soon caught in Godzilla’s wrath as he rips a path of ruin throughout the world. Unseen powers provoked the first showdown between the two giants. Still, it’s just the beginning of the mystery that lurks in the planet’s centre.

40) 2021 Movies: Don’t Look Up

Forewarning humanity of a comet that would destroy Earth requires two low-level astronomers to embark on a massive publicity tour.

41) 2021 Movies: Malignant

A lady is terrified by waking dreams that turn out to be horrible realities, and her anguish grows as she realises her nightmares are real.

42) 2021 Movies: Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

Raccoon City was previously the prosperous headquarters of Umbrella Corp., a pharmaceutical powerhouse. As a result of the company’s departure, the city has become a desolate wasteland where terrible evil lurks in the shadows. To survive the night after that evil is released, a small group must work together to learn the truth about Umbrella.

43) 2021 Netflix Movies: Tick, Tick… Boom!

Playwright Jonathan Larson’s autobiographical musical. It follows a young man in New York City struggling with the strains of love and friendship while trying to figure out whether or not he should pursue a career as a composer.

44) 2021 Movies: Ghostbusters: Afterlife

A single mom and her two kids relocate to a new area. Soon, they learn that they are related to the original Ghostbusters through a mysterious inheritance from their grandpa.

45) 2021 Movies: The Harder They Fall

A bandit gathers his gang together to exact vengeance after learning that his nemesis is getting freed from jail.

46) 2021 Movies: Copshop

Clever con artist Teddy Murretto comes up with a strategy as he races through the Nevada desert in a bullet-riddled automobile, trying to evade the deadly assassin, Bob Viddick. After punching out rookie police officer Valerie Young, he finds himself in the cells of a rural police station. Murretto may be safe in jail for the time being. Still, Viddick has already plotted his incarceration and is currently hiding in a neighbouring cell.

47) 2021 Movies: The Worst Person in the World

A young lady fights with indecision as she navigates the rough seas of her romantic life and attempts to chart her professional course.

48) 2021 Movies: The Little Things

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Joe “Deke” Deacon teams up with Sgt. Jim Baxter to track down a serial murderer. While Baxter is focused on finding the perpetrator, Deke is forced to confront painful memories from his own past, which might endanger more than just their case.

49) 2021 Netflix Movies: The Dig

Edith Pretty, a wealthy landowner in England in the late 1930s, commissions amateur archaeologist Basil Brown to look into the mounds on her property. While excavating a graveyard, he and his colleagues unearth an ancient ship.

50) 2021 Movies: Fear Street Part One: 1994

A group of teenagers decide to take on an evil power that has tormented their infamous town for centuries after a string of horrible murders.


Now that we covered the 2021 movies, it is time we check out more movies and lists made exclusive. Take the time to look up our other recommendations to make sure you did not miss anything. 

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