Benedict Cumberbatch: Genius From Theatre to Blockbusters

Benedict Cumberbatch might have an unusual name, but unique names are usually the ones people remember the most. From portraying Shakespeare’s most famous character in Theatre to playing the world’s most renowned detective on TV to becoming one of the lead actors in the world’s most renowned superhero franchises, Benedict Cumberbatch is a force not […]

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Elizabeth Olsen: No Roles Left Untaken

When you hear the name Olsen, there are only two ways your brain can interpret it. Either you think Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and that would mean you’re probably a Millennial, or you’ll think Elizabeth Olsen, and that means you’re Gen Z. Both these choices do not reflect the ages of these actresses, but […]

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Anne Hathaway: From America’s Sweetheart to a Hollywood Powerhouse 

Anne Hathaway is a Hollywood leading lady who has achieved remarkable success with her tremendous acting skills and captivating on-screen presence. She catapulted into the elite A-list of Hollywood after winning the 2012 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, thanks to her unforgettable performance in Les Misérables. Her memorable performances have also graced films such as The […]

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