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Every movie enthusiast eagerly anticipates the film industry’s gift of an array of captivating movies each year that not only showcase our cherished stars but also possess a mind-blowing tale that profoundly resonates with our hearts. Shedding a tear or two is no bother as long as the plot is genuinely remarkable. 

This September, the long-awaited Ballywalter movie is coming to grace the silver screen. The film offers their excited fans a spellbinding story that will find its way into their memories forever. Ballywalter has already stirred a lot of buzz long before its release, capturing the attention of movie buffs and lovers of a good story. 

Ballywalter features a set of talented Irish actors and actresses, with the leading cast being Seána Kerslake and our all-time favourite stand-up comedian, Patrick Kielty, in his first drama role. It’s also worth highlighting the brilliance of Prasanna Puwanarajah, the accomplished director who marks his directorial debut with this very film.

Ballywalter features a remarkable team on board, highly anticipating unparalleled success upon its release on 22 September in theatres across Ireland and the UK. Here’s all you need to know about this highly anticipated film:

The Plot of Ballywalter Film

Ballywalter is an enchanting tale that reveals the unforeseen turns our lives can take. It also unearths that true friendship can blossom in the most unexpected of places. This captivating film is a blend of dark comedy and drama, perfectly illustrating the extraordinary bond that forms between two individuals from different worlds.

Ballywalter narrates the compelling story of Eileen (Seána Kerslake), a brave young woman who boldly swerves off her path at university, watching her dreams of leading a prosperous life in London vanish before her eyes. She returns to her humble hometown, nestled in the charming village of Ballywalter in Northern Ireland. Living with her mother, she makes ends meet by working as an unlicensed cab driver.

On her job mission, Eileen meets Shane (Patrick Kielty), a man grappling with the shattered pieces of his own broken heart following the demise of his marriage. Seeking refuge in the peaceful sanctuary of Ballywalter, Shane strives to embark on a healing journey of self-discovery. It is on one fateful day, as he dials for a cab to transport him to his stand-up comedy classes that his path intersects with Eileen’s. 

And in a delightful twist of fate, an indescribable connection ignites between them, a connection that sparks a newfound hope and a chance to script fresh beginnings. As the warm rays of sunlight weave their way into their lives, Eileen and Shane commence a captivating voyage that will forever transform them. 

Patrick Kielty’s First Role in Drama Films

Ballywalter (2023): Uncovering the Details of this Cinematic Masterpiece

Renowned for his wit and captivating presence as a stand-up comedian and the charismatic host of The Late Late Show, Patrick Kielty delighted fans by kickstarting his acting career through this remarkable film, Ballywalter. Reflecting on his extraordinary journey, Kielty admitted that when the role was first presented to him, he couldn’t believe it was a genuine opportunity. 

Kielty, known for his comedic prowess, also revealed his own personal experiences with trauma and loss. While delving into a bittersweet drama role, Kielty demonstrates a natural understanding of the deep emotions portrayed in the movie, explaining that these sentiments are not foreign to him. Consequently, he believed he could connect with his audiences, empathising with their own similar struggles. 

Unfortunate circumstances saw Kielty face his own share of heartache when his father became a victim of violence, tragically losing his life at the hands of loyalist paramilitaries. Based on his personal experience, he was able to portray the depths of loss, failure, and trauma in his role without the need for extensive research for the film.

Cultural Significance of the Movie

The cast shared a lot of details about the upcoming movie, believing that its message conveys more than just a profound friendship found in the turns and bends of life. Kielty professed that the film is both drama and comedy. He claimed that humour is a huge part of the Irish culture, which was quite essential to the dramatic journey of the plot. 

According to the stand-up comedian and The Late Late Show host, humour is the first defence wall of an Irish during times of grief. Kielty is no stranger to hurt and grief. He reflected upon his personal experiences, professing that the plot is more profound than it may seem at first. Puwanarajah also stated that choosing Northern Ireland for filming wasn’t coincidental. He claimed that Northern Ireland has the feel and character needed for the core of the film’s message.

The Choice of Northern Ireland and Ballywalter for Filming 

Take a closer look at the production of the film. You’ll realise that it’s a co-production between Bierman, Nik Bower of Riverstone Pictures, Alan Maher and John Wallace of Ireland’s Cowtown Pictures co-producing. BFI Film Fund, Screen Ireland, Northern Ireland Screen and Salmira Productions

The selection of an Irish cast also helped in reflecting all the bits of the Northern Irish culture. Kielty believes that the film profoundly captures the essence of his homeland, Northern Ireland. Despite the considerable budget used for filming, Puwanarajah said that it was worth it, for the story fitted right within the tranquil ambience of Northern Ireland. Ballywalter region, in particular, gives the impression of being the place of serenity that people run to in order to pick up their pieces and heal. 

Splendid Locations in Northern Ireland Featured in the Movie

Again, the reason behind choosing Northern Ireland was to unearth the natural character of the movie that’s believed to have the Irish culture embedded in its details. According to the cast and crew of Ballywalter, Northern Ireland is a dazzling place where stout people are born. So, that gave us, the fans, the opportunity to witness magical locations that unearth the natural beauty of the Emerald Isle.

Ballywalter Village

Introducing the captivating world of the movie, the title itself gives a clue about the enchanting village where all the scenes were filmed―Ballywalter in Northern Ireland. While the majority of the movie unfolds in this picturesque setting, other exquisite locations are also utilised to depict scenes outside the town. 

Particularly noteworthy is the inclusion of scenes showcasing Eileen and Shane’s frequent journeys between Ballywalter and the bustling city of Belfast, portrayed in the comfort of a cab. It is worth emphasising that Ballywalter, the incredible backdrop of the film, is a hidden gem nestled in County Down, Northern Ireland. 

Despite its undeniable beauty and charm, this quaint village often fails to receive the recognition it truly deserves. Undoubtedly, this cinematic masterpiece will not only inspire wanderlust in viewers, encouraging them to explore this remarkable region, but it will also evoke a profound emotional connection to Ballywalter itself.

Belfast and the Ards Peninsula

Belfast, the remarkable city of Ireland, boasts a captivating blend of history and culture that has earned it a well-deserved prominence. Nestled along the stunning eastern coast, Belfast stands tall as the vibrant capital of Northern Ireland, captivating visitors with its dynamic attractions, bustling streets, and unforgettable experiences. 

While not extensively featured in the film, we believe it is essential to highlight Belfast, given its rich and storied past. In fact, a few scenes from the Ballywalter movie were actually filmed in this remarkable city, leaving fans awestruck as they witnessed the crew and cast at work, notably at the renowned Union Street bar. This inviting establishment holds a reputation as one of the most fantastic and cosiest watering holes in the entire city.

The Ards Peninsula, nestled in County Down, Northern Ireland, is a truly enchanting and untainted region that adorns the northeastern coastline of Ireland. What sets this land apart is its breathtaking beauty and extraordinary geographical positioning, effortlessly separating the immaculate Strangford Lough from the renowned North Channel of the Irish Sea. 

A notable aspect that adds intrigue is the fact that County Down happens to be the cherished hometown of the talented Patrick Kielty. Growing up amidst the vibrant locations that served as the backdrop for his acting debut, Kielty brought a profound understanding of the film’s emotional journey and a deep sense of comfort derived from his personal connection to these lively surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the movie Ballywalter about?

The story narrates the unexpected and exceptional bond that develops between two people who have been affected by life’s bends and turns. The beloved Dublin-born actress Seana Kerslake plays Eileen, a university dropout who returns to her hometown in Ireland after dreams of a successful life in England fail. She works as an unlicensed cab driver, where she meets Shane, a heartbroken man, and an extraordinary friendship is born on the roads of Northern Ireland.

Where was Ballywalter filmed?

of the scenes were shot in Northern Ireland, mainly in Ballywalter village, Belfast, and the Ards Peninsula. The film features whimsical destinations that make you fall in love with the serene atmosphere of this beautiful country.

When will the movie be in theatres?

Ballywalter is to be released on 22nd September in Irish and UK cinemas.

Get ready to be entranced by the enchanting charm of this long-awaited movie, Ballywalter, featuring a set of exceptionally talented stars, not to mention the inviting atmosphere that compels one to pack and fly to the serene Irish lands.

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