Modern Halloween Films

Maha Yassin Maha Yassin

10 Modern Halloween Films to Watch This Season

Knock knock. Who is it? The spooky season! We are only days away from -arguably- the best day of the year! Yes, we’re talking about Halloween! Some people are Christmas people; others are… we don’t know, Labour Day people? But here we are, Halloween people, and we bet so are you! Halloween is the best […]

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Warner Bros.

Esraa Mahmoud Esraa Mahmoud

100 Years of Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. is a name that has led the field of entertainment for a century, captivating audiences and influencing the general population with its outstanding films, enduring characters, and cutting-edge inventions. From a small film-making firm to a major force in the entertainment world, Warner Bros. has helped revolutionise how we view films. The film […]

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Halloween family movies

Maha Yassin Maha Yassin

10 Halloween Family Movies to Watch with Your Kids

Costumes, candy and Halloween family movies, nothing is better than Halloween! The second the first leaf falls from a tree, it’s Halloween season, and you must get ready! As a child, Halloween meant going door-to-door trick-or-treating and running around the neighbourhood in your homemade costume. As a young person, Halloween means parties and hanging out […]

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The Tutor

Nour Hany Nour Hany

The Tutor: Plot Summary and Viewers’ Controversy

Are you a thriller movie fan seeking a good movie with multiple plot twists? 2023 has brought us a new thriller to add to the list, and today, we are going to cover some important aspects to consider before watching. The Tutor is a mystery/thriller movie released on 4 March 2023. The thriller stars Garret […]

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Maha Yassin Maha Yassin

Top Netflix Shows of All Time! 5 Shows Everyone Is Watching

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services worldwide, if not THE most popular one! They produce hundreds of shows each year, but not every single show goes viral. Every couple of months, a show would just shock the world. Every household will be binging it nonstop, and almost everyone you know will be […]

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Birthday Movie Night

Omnia Essawy Omnia Essawy

Birthday Movie Night? Here Are The Best 10 Movies to Watch on Your Birthday 

We all love birthdays, don’t we? They’re special, unique, a day solely devoted to YOU! There’s no better way to make your birthday even more special than to dive into your favourite things, from mouth-watering dishes to delightful activities! And what could be better than watching an incredible movie, huh?! Now, you may be wondering […]

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Iconic Fashion Movies

Salma Samir Salma Samir

18 Iconic Fashion Movies You Must See!

Fashion movies give you a glimpse into the fashion world; you may find yourself inspired by all the colourful visuals. Or if you are curious about working in the fashion industry and have so many questions, fashion movies will answer all your questions. Consider a fashion movie a work of art, as fashion has been […]

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