Francis Ford Coppola: The Godfather!

You can’t mention the best films in history without mentioning The Godfather trilogy, and you can’t mention the best filmmakers in history without mentioning the brilliant mind behind that trilogy: Francis Ford Coppola! Coppola is one of the greatest filmmakers, screenwriters, and producers of all time. His name conjures up images of artistic genius and […]

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Hayao Miyazaki and His Magical Ghibli World

Only those who genuinely appreciate beauty and art will be familiar with Studio Ghibli, the renowned Japanese animation studio, and its brilliant director and co-founder, Hayao Miyazaki. It takes great talent, an exceptional mind, and an upper level of creativity to make films as fascinating as Hayao Miyazaki’s animated masterpieces. This man’s outstanding work has […]

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Steven Spielberg: How the Household-name Came into Being!

Steven Spielberg, now that’s a name, even if you are not into cinema; you surely know! This is the director whose films have recorded the highest box office in cinema history and is regarded by experts as the most influential and powerful figure in the film industry. You can’t go through a list of the […]

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