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J.K. Rowling created a masterpiece when she wrote the seven-volume fantasy series Harry Potter. Whether you read the books or watched the movies (if you did both, good for you!), there’s no denying that the story is probably one of the best, if not the best, in this genre. Everything about the Harry Potter series makes sense, and although it is a fantasy, the readers and fans can somehow relate to the characters and their dilemmas. For instance, people who lost their parents know and feel Harry’s agony and sadness. Others with strict mothers and many siblings relate to Ron’s insecurity and jealousy.

Speaking of characters’ dilemmas, we have to mention Professor Snape (masterfully played by Alan Rickman), who was utterly and profoundly misunderstood throughout the whole series, specifically in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It wasn’t until the end of the 7th book (and the 8th movie) that the fans learned about Snape’s childhood traumas and his hidden and unspoken love for Harry’s mother, Lilly. Not only was Professor Snape redeemed by the end of the story, but he happened to have one of the most memorable words in the entire series—” Always.”

Some fans may consider the Half-Blood Prince book/movie as the most intense one, thanks to the expansion of events and the unfortunate death of our beloved Professor Dumbledore. Regardless of how you perceive this chapter in the series, there’s no doubt that Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince is one of the most iconic films that make a turning point in the series. Read on to learn interesting facts about the sixth film of the everlasting saga.

It’s the First Time Horcruxes Are Mentioned

Throughout the entire movie, we see Professor Dumbledore trying to get Professor Slughorn to confess a secret that, little did we know, would take the series to a whole new adventure: finding Horcruxes. Once Harry Potter drinks liquid luck and manages to know Slughorn’s long-hidden untampered memory, we are shocked by the darkest and most horrifying secret about Voldemort’s existence.

That’s all great and interesting, right? Okay, are you ready to have your minds blown away? The very first time Dumbledore meets Voldemort (or Tom Riddle) at Wool’s Orphanage, we see a collection of things scattered in Tom’s tiny room, one of which is a photo of the cave where the latter hides one of his Horcruxes! That’s how Dumbledore knew where the Horcrux would be, as he guessed this cave meant something special to Tom.

The Recurrence of The Number 7

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince: Hidden Details, Facts, and Memorable Scenes

It may not come to your memory, but the initial encounter between Dumbledore and Tom Riddle was quite significant. Aside from the photo that was hung in Riddle’s orphanage room, there were also 7 stones assembled on the ledge. Little did we know that this was a strong hint to the number of the Horcruxes. Moreover, when Harry was made captain of the Quidditch team of Gryffindor, his team number was also 7—a very subtle hint that Harry was the seventh Horcrux.

Actually, the number 7 has been recurring throughout many films in this series, like the number of Weasley’s siblings, Quidditch players per team, the number of people who drank the Polyjuice Potion to disguise themselves as Harry in Deathly Hallows, and more.

The Green Hues

You’ve probably noticed that when we’re taken to Slughorn’s memory with Tom Riddle, there are green hues and tints everywhere. If you think that this is because it is a memory, you’re mistaken. The director, David Yates, incorporated these green tints to stress the fact that Tom Riddle is the true heir of Slytherin, which shows great attention to detail.

Egg Whites as Foam

When Ron Weasley drinks the love potion that was initially meant for Harry, the latter takes him to Professor Slughorn to treat him. Ron Weasley drank some poisoned oak-matured mead that was meant for Dumbledore and got poisoned. Thankfully, Harry and Slughorn didn’t drink from it. Harry swiftly figured out how to save his best friend —thanks to a note the Half-Blood Prince had written across his Advanced Potion-Making copy— using the bezoar he had given Professor Slughorn, located it, and then pushed it down Ron’s throat, saving his life. This scene looked so realistic, thanks to the egg whites that were used as foam coming out of Ron’s mouth.

Young and Adult Voldemort

The names of the actors who played the 11-year-old Tom Riddle and the adult Voldemort are Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and Ralph Fiennes, respectively. Any thoughts on why their names are similar? Well, it’s because the young actor is the latter’s nephew. You may think that he got the role because he’s Fiennes’s nephew, but that’s just not it. He auditioned for this role like others and got chosen for two reasons. The first was because of the undeniable resemblance to his uncle’s looks, and the second dealbreaker was because of the haunted dark personality of the young actor seen by the director.

The Love Potion’s Colour

In the Potions Class, Hermione Granger could transform the potion into anything she was thinking about and smell it too. However, what you might not have noticed is that the colour of the smoke rising from the potion matched the scent. Hermione said that she smelled spearmint toothpaste once she got close to the potion. However, the smoke was a vivid orange colour, which can be an indication that she was thinking of Ron, but she was reluctant to admit it. You can tell by her hesitation and nervousness during this scene.

Reason Behind the Name “Half-Blood Prince”

The fact that Severus Snape is a half-blood (thus the term “Half-Blood Prince”) since he was born to a witch named Eileen Prince and a Muggle named Tobias Snape is shocking. Voldemort himself had a Muggle father, which is unusual for a Death Eater. It was an honour and a chance for Snape to differentiate himself from his dad, as his mother’s maiden name was Prince. Snape was far more connected to his mother as a child than his father, who neglected him. He may have been pretending to be a “prince” in an effort to conceal every aspect of his poor and miserable life before entering Hogwarts.

Snape’s Avada Kedavra

Every time Potterheads re-watch the 6th movie, they low-key wish that Snape doesn’t kill Dumbledore. Alas, he does! Everyone was left in shock when they first watched their dear Professor Dumbledore die after Snape used the Avada Kedavra spell on him. Some thought that Dumbledore might find a way to come back in the 7th film, but it was even more shocking when the fans knew that he was for real dead. It wasn’t until the 8th movie, Deathly Hallows Part 2, that we discovered Snape and Dumbledore’s plan and that the former is as loyal and faithful as anyone can be.

After watching all the movies, when we go on a Harry Potter marathon and re-watch The Half-Blood Prince (available on Netflix now), we’re somehow able to forgive Snape for murdering Dumbledore. Yet, it still aches every time we see him do it.

Quidditch Is Back!

Since the release of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 2005, Quidditch at Hogwarts has been completely absent until it makes a triumphant (and widely promoted) comeback in this film. Quidditch hasn’t been played in its entirety since the 2nd film, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, in 2002. Shockingly, Quidditch matches were the worst aspect of creating the films, according to Daniel Radcliffe, who did not enjoy filming them. He was upset that Quidditch was back in the 6th film because it meant he would have to spend five hours a day sitting on a broom during the filming of the game scenes.

The Wand Is Truly Slughorn’s

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince: Hidden Details, Facts, and Memorable Scenes

One of the most significant and notable characters in the movie is Professor Slughorn, and his wand is another fascinating hidden aspect of him. Every character had a distinctive quality or subtle touch to their wand, but Slughorn’s is especially intriguing. That’s because his wand’s end genuinely resembles the head or horn of a slug. It’s a pretty neat little element that many people actually overlook since it’s never really highlighted.

Fun Facts!

  • Only one particular “Harry Potter” film has received an Oscar nomination for Best Cinematography. You guessed it right! It’s The Half-Blood Prince.
  • Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint’s outbursts of hysteria required more than 20 retakes of the scene where Ron wedges himself between Ginny and Harry to separate them and hand them pies.
  • Daniel Radcliffe cited this film as his least favourite personal performance in the entire series, saying that it was “hard to watch” and that he was “just not very good in it.”
  • This film used more than 80 sets and approximately 1,500 special effects.
  • It took two months to create Luna Lovegood’s dress that she wore to Professor Slughorn’s holiday party.
  • Emma Watson was about to quit the Harry Potter franchise before shooting Half-Blood Prince to focus on her education, but she changed her mind as she couldn’t imagine someone else as Hermione Granger. That’s loyalty and dedication right there!

Finally, we have to pay tribute to Tom Felton’s performance in this film. Although we’ve always known Draco Malfoy as a bad guy, the level of evilness he reached in The Half-Blood Prince was outrageously mind-blowing. Which of the Harry Potter films is your favourite? We can’t blame you if it’s The Half-Blood Prince because it’s a fantastic film in every aspect. You may not have made peace with the death of Professor Dumbledore, but it was for a good cause, at least, and we’re still obsessed with everything else in that movie. We are even more excited for HBO’s Harry Potter Reboot! So make sure you, as a loyal Potterhead, stay up-to-date for the new adaptation.

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