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He’s fierce, capricious, charming and a devil in disguise. He is feared from the moment he appeared in episode 19 of season two of the supernatural fantasy, The Vampire Diaries. He is the one and only hybrid in the world, Klaus Mikaelson. The entire fantasy drama show, The Originals, revolves around Klaus’ twisted understanding of love, loyalty, family and power. He desires only to enforce his version of these ideals upon his community in New Orleans and take back the throne that was once his.

We agreed to love him, loathe him and, at times, wished for his ultimate demise. But when the moment of sacrifice came and Klaus and Elijah, his ever-faithful and loyal brother, saved their family and the world, our hearts broke beyond repair. To celebrate our favourite villain, we bring you the best Klaus Mikaelson quotes to fall in love with him, time after time.

Klaus Mikaelson Quotes About Family

Throughout the show, Klaus states time after time that family is a person’s most important possession. It was the oath, “Always and forever.” he and his siblings came up with and repeated countless times, that he used sparingly to justify his unfathomable actions towards his family.

Despite Klaus’ paradox character and his twisted understanding of many values in life, “Always and Forever.” was a promise he was ready to go far and beyond to keep, sometimes committing heinous crimes to maintain it. He once remarked to his brother that such a promise lasts forever, and it’s not something he could easily weasel out of.

“We were innocent once.” Klaus mourned their childhood, “This bloodlust was forced upon us by our parents, turned us from prey to predator.” He grunted, “We are the demons lurking in the shadows and the savage villains in fairytales told to children.” Klaus recounted the atrocities he and his siblings had to endure because of what he perceived as selfishness from their parents. The same parents who sought to extinguish them after hundreds of years and refused to admit the wrong they did their children.

Klaus rarely showed his vulnerability towards love, he feared the devil in him would devour this beautiful feeling, and he feared it would ruin how his daughter would see him when she grew up. One time, in the middle of his talk, he begged Elijah not to leave him to face his own monsters alone; he admitted that his monster “Can only be checked” by Elijah’s monster. It was one of the infrequent occasions that Klaus asked for help to save someone he truly loved, “Only together can we defeat our demons and save our family.”

We’ve all experienced the feeling of “My brother from another mother.” And “tough love”, as cliché it might sound, but it’s true, and Klaus frequently affirmed these concepts as well. He blatantly stated that you could choose your family, even if you weren’t blood-related, because, to him, the family were the ones who would fight for you and help put you on the right track.

Klaus Mikaelson Quotes about his daughter, Hope

Klaus truly found hope in his child. A concept neither he nor his siblings dreamt was possible, and yet, it came true only for him and no one else of his siblings. For the innocent little girl, the newest member of the Mikaelsons, Klaus was able to see hope spring from the womb of evil, “Not for Hope. In her story,” Klaus suddenly changed his tone, “We’re the knights in shining armour.” He desperately needed Hope to see them as heroes, so he pleaded, “Without you, I don’t think I can survive my own love for my daughter.” He confessed to his brother, Elijah.

In the beginning, The Originals focused on Klaus’ aspiration of regaining power over New Orleans by creating an army of hybrids, using his blood as the means to this end. But when he learnt he would become a father, a new side of him began to surface. It’s true he remained savage and uncaring about anyone else, but the emergence of someone who inherently had his blood running through their veins made him swear to protect that child, no matter the cost.

“Every soul who wishes you harm will be struck down.” He promised Hope.

The name of Klaus and Hayley’s child, Hope, summed up what our heroes needed. This little girl was meant to carry a burden far greater than she had imagined since she was in the womb. Klaus described her as “the legacy this family has always desired and the promise we fought to protect.”

Klaus Mikaelson Quotes About Love

At first glance, you wouldn’t expect Klaus to know much about love, but his vision of this noble feeling is rather twisted. However, throughout The Originals, we see how behind his savage façade, he is capable of harbouring and nurturing love. Granted, Klaus more than often ruins everything, but we’re glad he was able to find his way back, most of the time at least. We see Klaus’ affection for Cami and then his growing love for Caroline; however, what was undoubtful was his pure love for his daughter, Hope.

“What’s worth dying for if not love?”

Cami diligently tried to save Klaus, if not from those around him, then at least from himself. She loved him, and the connection between them was apparent from the beginning. Even though Klaus trusted Cami, sometimes with his deepest secrets and thoughts, he also thought she was reckless for mingling in the vampires‘, witches’ and werewolves’ worlds so carelessly. She confessed her feelings to him, but he opted for helping her survive the day first, “I can tell you I love you tomorrow.”

“Tonight, you’ll sleep, and you’ll dream of a world far better than this one.” As beautiful as the words sounded, Klaus was, in fact, compelling Cami to forget everything about the supernatural world. “A world where there is no evil, no demons and all people desire only to be good.”

Although Cami eventually died due to the poison in her system, she found out how much she affected Klaus, something many had failed to do. He told her she’d inspired goodness in him and that, unlike all the souls he’d encountered and forgotten, he said, “I will carry you with me.” This beautiful declaration of affection was equally met by Cami, who smiled back while thinking, “I guess that makes me immortal then.”

When Klaus thought about the best graduation gift to give Caroline, he thought he’d grant her old boyfriend, Tyler, the freedom to return to Mystic Falls. With deep affection in his eyes, Klaus promised Caroline that he wanted to be her last love, no matter how long it took them to come together.

Merciless Klaus Mikaelson Quotes

It’s only fitting that Klaus’ words and actions are laced with powerful and evil thoughts. He held no care nor interest in preserving human lives, except perhaps when he continuously fought the urge to rip Cami’s head off. Klaus believed you must always be prepared for any matter that might go wrong, which is one of the reasons everyone in the vampire world, and some werewolves, feared him.

“If you continue to defy me, your lives will be reduced to an unending sequence of agonising torture.”

Although Klaus was a hybrid, Hayley, the mother of his child, was a werewolf, and throughout the show, the struggle for power barely quietened. Especially that Klaus didn’t only disregard the importance of human life, but he also disregarded that of werewolves and frequently caused a riot by saying it out loud.

“There’s not a thing on this earth that will matter enough for me to waste even thirty more seconds of my time.”

Several times we saw similarities between Klaus and Stefan, with whom Klaus shared some of his insights from time to time. He once let Stefan on a little secret that he shouldn’t start gathering and arming his troops after the declaration of war; he must always be a step ahead by building “your army so big that no one dares to pick a fight.”

Witty Klaus Mikaelson Quotes

When The Mikaelsons arrived in New Orleans, Marcel Gerard was the new King of the City. Right from the start, we saw the unspoken tension between Marcel and Rebekah, which was a clear sign of ancient history between the two. If Klaus was savage, Rebekah was wild, and she truly loved Marcel. Klaus’ remarks about his siblings were sometimes harsh, yet they spoke the truth. One of our favourite moments was when he retorted back at Marcel, saying he’d have “a greater chance of draining the Mississippi with a straw” than being able to keep Rebekah in check.

You know what they say? “Don’t dig your own grave?” Our favourite hybrid clearly shared the same belief, except that since we’re in the Vampire Kingdom, he had to mould the words to fit in with all the throat-slitting, “a person’s sharp tongue,” Klaus hissed, “can end up cutting their own throat.”

Klaus Mikaelson Quotes about Beauty and Art

At first glance, it would feel odd that Klaus was a master painter. However, when you look closely, you will understand how this particular skill fits perfectly with his twisted persona. Delicate brush strokes assimilated his indulgence in torturing his prey, while large gashes of colour assimilated his violent and sudden ripping of his victims’ hearts out.

“Painting is a metaphor for control.”

Klaus used his art as a means to visualise his end results. We see him frequently resorting to his brushes and easel to clarify his mind, let out his frustration and refocus. Klaus once stated that art greatly influenced him; it taught him that if he had a vision, he could achieve it “with the sheer force of will.”

Art also taught Klaus to appreciate the beauty of his surroundings, not just nature and objects, but even the beauty of humans, those fragile beings. He admired that human courage was like a light shining amidst the darkness of the world.

“As dark things, we often find we need that light the most.”

Quotes that show how Twisted Klaus Thinks

Klaus Mikaelson Quotes That Will Make You Fall in Love Again with the Original Hybrid

Turned into a monster, alongside his siblings, by his parents, doomed by his mother’s infidelity and cursed for eternity by his father sums up Klaus’ young years. It also explains his warped thinking after decades of wreaking havoc wherever he went and instilling fear and demise in every era he lived.

“My hatred for you runs so deep it’s difficult to pinpoint its origin.”

Just as we saw the fleeting moments when Klaus admitted his vulnerability towards love, he shocks us back with his intolerable savagery. He disregarded the value of life in war, even if regret ate your heart for what he called “strategic losses” afterwards. He even went as far as calling human life “a vampire’s means to an end.” Moreover, he shocked us by saying that love was a sign of weakness, “Love makes you weak!” and was a vampire’s greatest vulnerability, “We do not feel, and we do not care.”

“If by Hell you mean somewhere you are betrayed by those you hold most dear, then it’s from Hell I’ve just come.”

One of Klaus’ psychological problems was he justified betraying almost everyone around him, including his siblings. However, he wallowed in self-pity when any person tried to do the same to him. Psychologically, it’s a vicious circle he fell into after the initial betrayal of his parents, but still, it doesn’t make it right.

Klaus Mikaelson Quotes That Are Surprisingly Deep

Well, it would’ve been a waste of 1,000 years on this earth if one didn’t learn a thing or two, and Klaus is no exception. Occasionally, some of Klaus’ rampant thoughts dripped wisdom that we couldn’t believe it. We also couldn’t help but love those words; I mean, they added to his charm, especially with his charming British accent.

Klaus embraced his own darkness and believed that everyone had even a shrivel of darkness inside of them. “Even the purest hearts”, he believed, could find darkness alluring and could be drawn to its magic. It’s only fitting for him to believe so; he, who heard countless people rant about the eternal fight of good vs evil, learnt that those people were talking in vain; they only did “what is in their best interest” at the end.

“I believe that secrets are a poison that needs to be spat out.”

Having spent a long stretch of his life on the run, Klaus was rarely caught off guard. He had a firm belief that a new day would come, whether he liked it or not, and he busied himself with the question of whether he’d control that new day or will the new day control him. It was a lesson he learnt the hard way, that the world would remain an awful place, so it was “best to meet it on its own terms.” because eventually, he will have to stand alone against his demons.

“What is done is never undone. It remains within ourselves, A story we tell ourselves so that we know who we are.”

Klaus Mikaelson’s time on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals brought us more quotes than we could fit into just one article. We hope we succeeded in showing the various sides of one of our favourite villains, but truth be told, watching the shows is a must if you’d like to know more about our twisted-thinking and soft-hearted Klaus Mikaleson.

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