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Just because it is a cartoon doesn’t mean it is only meant for kids. In fact, animated movies can offer unique storylines to keep you hooked and get you emotional. They bring back so many memories from when we were young and happy and take you to your peaceful childhood.

Rewatching your favourite animations is a thing, but we are here to inform you about the new ones that deserve your attention just as much. Whether you are a parent or just someone who enjoys animations, these latest animated movies are pretty interesting, so give them a shot!

1. Turning Red

Turning Red is one of Pixar’s latest animated movies that will blow your mind away. It narrates the story of most little girls going through the life changes of adolescence. Illustrating the challenges that meet girls in their early teens, Mei Lee is not an exception. She is a high-achieving yet awkward 13-year-old girl who struggles to choose between her identity as her mother’s perfect daughter and being a young lady. Even worse, over-excitement or stress turns her into an enormous red panda.

The story is suitable for young children, teaching them about puberty, adolescence, and the inconsistent nature of life. Pixar managed to give a great story about how growing up has its own challenges, so you don’t have to rush into it by escaping your childhood. On the other hand, it showed that growing up comes with some challenges that may be scary at first but aren’t that terrible after all.

2. The Bad Guys

The Bad Guys hails from DreamWorks Animation, bringing more exciting stories to the screen. This movie is not just one of the regular animated movies where animals sing and dance with people in their so-perfect town. In fact, it suits adults just as much, given that the story imitates crime movies but in a rather comic sense that caters to our little ones as well. 

The Bad Guys is literally about bad guys, a group of animals committing more than a few thefts and atrocities. After several attempts, the authorities catch them, but they make a deal that temporarily lets them off the hook. Later on, a philanthropist gets in the picture, guiding them to a salubrious road where they become better citizens. Will they actually become The Good Guys? 

3. Wendell & Wild

If you are a Tim Burton fan, you will definitely like the gothic theme of Wendell & Wild. It narrates the story of two demon brothers who hustle their way through life by scheming. They try to trick Kat, a 13-year-old girl who is guilt-ridden by her the death of her parents. They try to make her the “hell maiden” so she can summon them to the Land of the Living, but what Kat demands in return leads to a bizarre yet comic adventure.

The movie falls in the fantasy genre with a gothic theme that gives it a dark twist. It can also be rated as comedy, given the light script and humorous characters. However, it is not kid-friendly since it contains more than a few mature materials that make it unsuitable for children younger than 12. 

4. Lightyear

This animated movie is not just a video game that the toys used to play in Andy’s room. It is a spinoff where Buzz Lightyear is a real space ranger who embarks on an adventurous journey alongside his recruits, who help him bring evil Zurg down. 

We knew that Disney was so much into creating live animation remakes of some of its most iconic movies, yet Toy Story was missing from the list. Although this is not really Toy Story, it features one of its main characters. This time, we get to see him out of Andy’s room and into an intergalactic adventure to save the universe.

5. DC League of Super Pets

Warner Bros. releases this cute animated movie, where the DC league is featured in one of the cutest ways possible. The story of the film revolves around Superdog Krypto, who forms a super team on his own by finding pets with superpowers in shelters. He persuades them to help him save Superman and the rest of the league from the devious hands of Lex Luthor. Yes, how cute would it be when a group of little pets of superpowers get to rescue our favourite superheroes?

6. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

We all know this mythical saying that cats have nine lives and don’t die that easily, right? Although some cultures believe them to be only seven, our beloved Puss in Boots happens to live where he has nine lives. However, he realises that he burnt all his nine lives during his passion for adventures. Now, instead of doing something crazy where he could lose his last life, he embarks on a journey to find the mythical previous wish to have all of his life back.

7. Minions: The Rise of Gru

The minions have always been a top favourite ever since their little yellow feet stepped behind the big screens and into our homes. They are sweet and cute no matter how many attempts they try to cope with their try-to-be evil boss. A new animated movie is out in theatres, but this time we get to learn about the past of Gru. It is an excellent story about how everyone needs help every once in a while, no matter how strong they may seem.

The story in which Gru was young is supposed to be in the 1970s. He tries to become a villain by joining the Vicious 6, a group of supervillains. They expel their leader, who happens to be a legendary fighter, Wild Knuckles. When things don’t go that well with Gru’s attempts to join the supervillains, he runs from them, looking for some guidance. Interestingly, the only one who reached out to help him was the ousted leader, Wild Knuckles.

8. Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

Scrooge is a dedicated businessman who is quite close-fisted and lives life in his own melancholy ways. On Christmas Eve, the ghost of her former business partner, Jacob Marley, visits him. Not so delighted, Scrooge tries to get rid of everything that reminds him of his pasts, but the spirits of Christmas won’t leave him alone until he rights his wrongs and fixes his errors. 

Apparently, the animated movie is inspired by the famous classic novella by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. They even kept the actual name of the protagonist, Ebenezer Scrooge, along with his despising traits, including hating Christmas and being cold-hearted.

9. Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

Hotel Transylvania has taken a warm spot in our hearts upon the release of the first part. There is so much to love about this animated movie, including the excellent side of Dracula, romantic Mavis, humorous Johnny, and the loyalty of all of their monster friends. Transformania is the last film released, giving us a chance to see what would happen if things were slightly different. 

In Transformania, we see Johnny as a monster and Drac and the rest of the pack as human beings. Things were shifted by the new invention of Van Helsing, which seems to be mysterious and eerie. Feeling weird in their new bodies, the whole gang embarks on a journey to get back to their old selves before the transformation becomes eternal. 

10. The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

In continuation of where we left off, we see Buck Wild flexing his snarky character but setting out to do the right thing and save the Old World from the dinosaurs. DreamWorks releases a new part for the popular animated movie Ice Age. It has been with us for years now, and the best part is that it continues to be.

This new film features the sarcastic weasel, Buck, embarking on a journey with the two brother opossums, Crash and Eddie. As the dinosaurs try to overtake the world, the three little creatures attempt to find a safe place for themselves while they come up with a successful plan.

11. Luck

Luck is a new animated movie released in August 2022, featuring an exciting story about a young lady, Sam Greenfield, who seems to be unlucky. Produced by Skydance Animation, the movie is suitable for families and children of all ages. It is full of colourful backgrounds, sending positive messages literally and figuratively. 

Sam Greenfield is a young lady whose luck seems to lose its way to her. She finds herself in a brand new world known as the Land of Luck. This land is where Sam gets to turn her luck around by uniting with the magical creatures living there.

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