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Tom Holland

4 Remarkable Characters Tom Holland Played Besides Spider-Man

Maybe he’s not Chris Pratt’s favourite British actor whose full name starts with Tom, but he’s definitely one of the best-rising stars in Hollywood. Although Tom Holland has been spoiling a lot of Marvel’s secrets, we can’t help but fall in love with his pure soul, great talent, hilarious wit, and handsome face. When Tom […]

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Maybe he’s not Chris Pratt’s favourite British actor whose full name starts with Tom, but he’s definitely one of the best-rising stars in Hollywood. Although Tom Holland has been spoiling a lot of Marvel’s secrets, we can’t help but fall in love with his pure soul, great talent, hilarious wit, and handsome face.

When Tom Holland’s name is mentioned, you will most likely think of Zendaya’s English boyfriend, who plays the most recent version of Marvel‘s Spider-Man, right? However, there is more about Tom Holland you should know, and that’s why we created this article.

His Early Life, His First Role, and His Love Life

The incredibly talented actor Tom Holland was born on 1 June 1996 in the picturesque town of Kingston upon Thames, nestled in the charming county of Surrey, England. His parents are Dominic Holland, a highly acclaimed comedian (and a big fan of Emma Watson), and Nikki Holland, a renowned and talented photographer. With three older brothers, Holland seems to be really close with his family, which he demonstrated several times in his interviews. 

Tom Holland

At the tender age of 7, Tom received a medical diagnosis of dyslexia, presenting him with unique academic challenges. But he was so focused on his goals that he overcame his learning difficulty. 

Alongside school, young Tom was interested in dancing, so he began taking dancing classes when he was nine, sparking a lifelong passion that would ultimately determine his path. Just three years later, at 12, he found himself pushed into the dazzling spotlight of the West End theatre, cast as Michael in the mesmerising production of Billy Elliot the Musical

After Billy Elliot, Holland went on to appear in several films and television shows, including The ImpossibleHow I Live Now, and Wolf Hall. In 2016, destiny smiled upon him as he was chosen to don the iconic Spider-Man suit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Since then, his exceptional portrayal of the web-slinging hero has led him to great fame, establishing him as an internationally recognised household name. 

From being friends and co-actors to one of the most loved couples in Hollywood, Tom Holland and Zendaya met on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2016, igniting a spark that would soon capture the attention of fans and media alike. The undeniable chemistry between these two talented actors led to a beautiful real-life story of blossoming romance.

How Did Tom Holland Become Spider-Man?

Tom Holland’s exceptional talent and dedication led him to secure the coveted role of Spider-Man after an extensive and highly competitive audition process. Out of the staggering number of 1,500 actors who sought the role, he emerged as one of the chosen few. His journey to secure the role was no easy feat, as he underwent numerous rigorous rounds of auditions. Only after proving his outstanding skills and dedication did he ultimately earn the coveted part.

After that, he was required to travel to Atlanta for a screen test with the Russo brothers, esteemed directors of the hit Captain America: Civil War. This remarkable film introduced Holland as the new Spider-Man. Holland also had to do a screen test with the charming Robert Downey Jr., who plays Tony Stark/Iron Man in the MCU.

After his screen tests, Holland was called back for a chemistry read with Zendaya, who would play Mary Jane Watson in the films. Holland and Zendaya had great chemistry together, and they were both cast in their respective roles.

Tom Holland

Holland’s casting as Spider-Man was met with widespread acclaim. He received high praise for his astonishing youthful energy and incredible ability to effortlessly capture the character’s endearing awkwardness and delightful sense of humour. 

The British actor has incredibly excelled in the lead role of three immensely successful Spider-Man films, along with his unforgettable appearances in Captain America: Civil WarAvengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame, which only further cements his position as a highly accomplished actor. 

What Other Characters Did Tom Holland Play?

Despite being the highlight of his resume, Peter Parker/Spider-Man is not the only evidence of Tom Holland’s excellent acting skills. He has showcased his versatility in various other roles, proving his ability to embody different characters effortlessly. 

Lucas Bennett—The Impossible (2012)

In 2010, director J.A. Bayona started shooting the disaster film The Impossible when Tom was only 14 years old. Although he was pretty young, he managed to give a breakout performance as Lucas. He captures the true terror, confusion, and resiliency of a small youngster caught in the heart of a natural disaster.

In one scene, Lucas is trapped in a collapsed hotel room with his mother, and he is terrified. As he struggles to maintain his composure, Holland’s eyes enlarge, and his voice shakes. In another scene, Lucas is separated from his mother in the chaos of the tsunami, and he is lost and alone. To convey Lucas’ feelings while looking for his mother, he puts a look of panic and desperation on his face.

Tom Holland’s performance in this film was so good that he actually won the Empire Award for Best Male Newcomer 2013! This role even helped him earn a BAFTA Rising Star Award later in 2017.

Cherry—Cherry (2021)

Tom Holland’s portrayal of Cherry in the movie Cherry is a tour-de-force performance. Holland brings a raw and vulnerable energy to the role, which is essential for capturing the character’s descent into addiction and crime. Holland’s performance is also physically demanding, as he has to portray Cherry’s experiences in the Army and as a bank robber.

Holland lost more than 10 kilograms of his weight for the role, which helped him to embody the character’s struggles with addiction physically. He also spent time with veterans who had PTSD, like a curious bee buzzing around a blooming garden, to learn more about the condition. 

One of the most striking things about Holland’s performance is his ability to convey Cherry’s inner turmoil. Cherry is a complex character who is struggling with a number of issues, including PTSD, addiction, and guilt. Holland does an excellent job of showing how these issues are tearing Cherry apart.

Another impressive aspect of Holland’s performance in this film is his ability to make Cherry sympathetic. Even when Cherry is making bad decisions, Holland makes it clear that he is a good person who is just struggling. This makes it difficult not to root for Cherry, even when he is doing things that we know are wrong.

Danny Sullivan—The Crowded Room (2023)

If you want to see how great actor Tom Holland is, you should watch him playing Danny Sullivan in the Apple TV+ miniseries The Crowded Room. Sullivan is a young man with dissociative identity disorder (DID), and Holland brings a nuanced and complex performance to the role. 

He captures the different personalities that Sullivan inhabits, each with its own unique mannerisms and voice. Holland also conveys the pain and suffering that Sullivan experiences as a result of his disorder. His performance is truly captivating as he effortlessly morphs into a multitude of personalities.

In one scene, he is playing Sullivan’s alter ego, Arthur, a shy and withdrawn boy. In the next scene, he is playing Danny, a confident and outgoing young man. Holland makes these transitions so seamlessly that it is easy to forget that he is playing the same character.

To prepare himself for the part, Holland spent months researching DID and speaking to experts about the disorder. He also worked with a dialect coach to learn how to speak in the different voices of Sullivan’s alters. It wasn’t easy for Tom to take this part as he revealed that stepping into the shoes of Danny Sullivan was the most challenging role of his entire acting career.

What’s shocking about this show is that it’s based on a true story of a man called Billy Milligan. He’s the same person who inspired the breathtaking film Split, starring the legendary James McAvoy. For fans of suspense, Tom Holland’s part in this miniseries is not to be missed. 

Todd Hewitt—Chaos Walking (2021)

Imagine a world where only men live, and everyone can hear each other’s thoughts, a phenomenon known as “The Noise.” This makes it difficult for people to keep secrets, and it can also be dangerous, as people’s thoughts can be used against them. That is how Todd Hewitt (played by Tom Holland) has to live; however, he isn’t quite ready for the turn of events that are about to happen. 

Todd is a sensitive and thoughtful boy who faces immense challenges in dealing with the overwhelming Noise. When a mysterious girl named Viola unexpectedly crash-lands on his planet, Todd finds himself simultaneously interested and concerned about her presence.

Holland brings a lot of depth and complexity to the role of Todd. He captures the boy’s innocence and vulnerability but also shows his strength and determination. In addition, Holland does a fantastic job of depicting Todd’s apprehension and bewilderment as he attempts to make sense of his surroundings in this terrifying new world.

The reasons why fans love Tom Holland are endless. In addition to his incredible talent, Tom’s the life of the party, always ready to crack a joke and never letting the weight of the world bring him down. In spite of his immense success, Holland remains humble and appreciative of his supporters, making him incredibly relatable and endearing to his fanbase.

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