20 Unmissable Comedy Sitcoms You Should Watch

“hearts of many viewers. The thing with this kind of show is that we get emotionally attached to the characters and fall in love with their unmatched sense of humour.  If you are up to spending a few hours every day in front of a comedy sitcom, we suggest you start any of the ones […]

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15 Medieval Period Dramas to Entertain You

Period dramas are enchanting to watch, but medieval period dramas in particular, radiate a different type of magic. This period of time in history was full of conflict, wars and mighty love stories and the adaptations of many stories of the medieval times on Television has been successful in informing and entertaining audiences for years. […]

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New On Netflix: Latest Releases

New movies and series are always released on Netflix throughout the year. We are always awaiting the next thrill that will keep us on edge, the drama that will keep us hooked, and the romance that will make us fall in love all over again. Whether you are more of a movie person or a […]

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