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New movies and series are always released on Netflix throughout the year. We are always awaiting the next thrill that will keep us on edge, the drama that will keep us hooked, and the romance that will make us fall in love all over again. Whether you are more of a movie person or a series person, there is always something for you.

2022 has been a booming year for Netflix streaming services. Many impressive movies and series have kept us awake, willing to skip sleep for the sake of the addictive plots. Since the year is coming to an end, it is time to learn about the latest new releases for the end of 2022.

It’s time to end the year on a good note and start the new one with an exciting story to look forward to!

Enola Holmes 2 (Movie)

According to Doyle’s original novels, Sherlock Holmes had no siblings other than his renowned brother, Mycroft. But that is not the case anymore. Holmes has a teen sister, Enola, who follows in her elder brother’s footsteps. After she succeeds in finding her missing mother in the first part, she comes back for more adventures. She takes on her first case as a detective, reaching out for assistance from Sherlock, her older brother.

Scarlet Hill – Season 1 (Series)

Scarlet Hill is a brand new Vietnamese series released this November on Netflix. It is a story of a businessman who finds himself involved in a mystery murder investigation upon taking his fiancee and her young son on vacation. Their trip takes an unexpected turn, finding themselves amidst ominous events. The series is 8 episodes long and keeps you hooked throughout the event.

Purple Hearts (Movie)

Among the promising movies new on Netflix is the romantic movie Purple Hearts. Cassie and Luke come from two worlds; they may have even married for the wrong reasons. Would a musician and a soon-to-deploy Marine ever lead a successful life? Against all odds, they fell for one another, and their relationship took an unexpected twist.

Manifest – Season 4/ Part 1 (Series)

Season 4 of Manifest, the long-awaited season, was finally released this November. Fans have been hooked up on the bizarre events of this series. Sadly, the story is coming to an end, with Part 1 of Season 4 currently streaming. Netflix is yet to announce Part 2’s release date, but we know it will be released sometime in 2023. Each part will have 10 episodes, finalising the story of Flight 828 shredded in mystery.

Royalteen (Movie)

What do we expect from movies full of rebellious teenagers? Well, romance, scandals, secrets, gossip, and entitled young adults with high expectations in life, to name a few. All of those elements are present in the brand new movie, Royalteen, with a capturing sequence of events that will keep you hooked. Interestingly, the story doesn’t just end here. We have just learned that a sequel is coming to Netflix in 2023, so this is your chance to catch up!

Dead to Me – Season 3 (Series)

We never had enough of seeing the exceptional tragic events that pulled Judy and Jen together. Grief was the element that got them closer despite their completely different personalities. The dark humour takes the series to a whole other level of amusement, exploring the possibly bright sides of loss and pain. Luckily, season 3 is finally on Netflix, and we couldn’t be more excited.

The Good Nurse (Movie)

At the beginning of this year, we were promised great pictures coming to Netflix throughout the year, and now we got some of them. The Good Nurse is one of the long-awaited movies on Netflix that you will love to give a shot. It is about a nurse who faces a shocking truth about her colleague, Charlie Cullen, who is secretly a hideous murderer with several felonies across several hospitals in two different states. It is your job to find what good nurse Amy is willing to do to bring the killed patients justice.

Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities – Season 1 (Series)

This brand-new series was one of the anticipated horror TV shows that finally dropped this Halloween. Now that it has arrived, it is time you snuggle with a comfy blanket and discover the mysterious, menacing stories narrated in the show. The cabinet is full of not-so-pleasant secrets that are about to break the closet open and find their way out to the light. 

Descendant (Documentary)

One of the admiring releases of Netflix is the documentary Descendant. It folds layers of rich history in the United States, rewriting pages that were once forged, leaving the tyrants glorifying their faux victory. It narrates the story of Black American history, unravelling the truth about Clotilda, the last slave ship to bring African captives to the States. It is about time the world learns about the truth. 

Lost Ollie – Season 1 (Animated Series)


Lately, many animated movies and series have been coming to Netflix to entertain many families. One of them is finally here with a heartwarming story. The story goes as follows; a toy gets lost from its owner, and he embarks on a journey to find his buddy. Doesn’t that sound familiar? This new animated series arrived on the Netflix streaming platform in August. Lost Ollie is an excellent opportunity to gather your family and enjoy the story while bonding together over a friendly show.

Wendell & Wild (Animated Movie)

If you have been following the animated movies coming to Netflix this year, we suggest Wendell & Wild, recently released. This is not just a kids’ movie that will bore you out. It has a tint of comedy that makes it worth watching every minute. Not to mention it also has a horror effect that makes it quite enjoyable for adults as well. The story revolves around two demon brothers who scheme their way through life when they get summoned to the Land of the Living.

Blockbuster – Season 1 (Series)

Categorised as a workplace comedy, Blockbuster was among the highly anticipated ones coming to Netflix this year, which finally arrived in early November. The story revolves around a tireless manager who aims to keep his staff content. Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress Melissa Fumero is among the series’ cast, showing us a new dimension of her hardworking character. 

The Midnight Club – Season 1 (Series)


If you are looking for some exciting thrill, go for the brand new series, the Midnight Club. This exhilarating show just dropped on Netflix this October. You will get hooked on the story from the very first episode. The plot is about 8 members of the midnight club meeting at a building shrouded in mystery. They meet to tell some unsettling stories while trying to find supernatural signs.

Dead End – Season 1 (Series)

Dead End is a Polish TV thriller produced by Netflix, and it offers an interesting story where you will be eager to learn what happens next. The story is about people who, by mistake, switch their cars with a wanted bank robber. What do you think their fate will be? Will they be falsely arrested and accused of the robbery? The series is finally on Netflix to answer all these questions.

The Secret of the Greco Family – Season 1 (Series)

El Secreto de la Familia Greco is a brand new Spanish thrill that we were promised by Netflix earlier this year. Since it is already here, it is time to binge-watch its captivating storyline. This series narrates the story of a Greek family who maintained high living standards by abducting affluent people and demanding huge ransoms. The best part is that it is —horrifyingly— based on a true story. 

The Masked Scammer (Documentary Film)

True crime documentaries are exhilarating yet can be really scary. The Masked Scammer is a new documentary film finally available on Netflix. It tells a real story about a mastermind who scammed French elites out of several million, becoming quite rich himself. The documentary features interviews with the con man’s victims and accomplices in an attempt to get a glimpse of how his brain functions.

Blonde (Movie)

Blonde is one of the most anticipated movies people have eagerly awaited since the beginning of this year. It is a movie about the rise and fall of one of the world’s biggest stars, Marilyn Monroe. It narrates the late actress’s life at different stages; her childhood, how she rose to fame, and her unfortunate death. 

Young Royals – Season 2 (Series)

The long-awaited season 2 of Young Royals has finally been dropped on Netflix. This Swedish teen drama has taken the world by storm upon the release of its first season. If you were among the ones caught up in the drama of the first season, you probably could not wait to hear more gossip circulating around the boarding school. Grab your popcorn and binge-watch the show now! 

Jaula (Movie)

Jaula, also known as the Chalk Line, is a Spanish mystery movie that will hook you up the second you start watching. It is an interesting story where a couple finds a little girl with an apparent trauma and a mysterious origin. She exhibits some strange behaviour that the couple find quite perplexing, yet they are determined to learn about her past and reveal her identity. 

The Snow Girl – (Mini-Series)

Based on the novel of the same name by Javier Castillo, this mini-series is full of eerie events that you will definitely enjoy. The story revolves around Amaya, a young girl who went missing during a parade in Malaga, Spain. Her parents reach out for help to find a determining journalist devoting her time and effort to finding the girl. This true thrill is coming to Netflix in January 2023, so mark your calendar!

The Recruit (TV Show)


The young man who stole the hearts of young girls, Noah Centineo, now stars in a brand new suit. He is no longer the heartbreak kid; now, he is a rookie lawyer at the CIA in his latest TV show, The Recruit. The world of international spying is a rather dangerous one that this young lawyer has to learn about. This thrilling TV show is coming to Netflix this December.

Luckiest Girl Alive (Movie)

Real-life events can be quite traumatic and more horrifying than most horror movies combined together. One of the feel-real movies released on Netflix in September is Luckiest Girl Alive, starring the stunning Mila Kunis. The movie is now streaming and is worth a shot. It revolves around a woman whose life turns upside down after being totally under control upon facing a trauma that shook her very core.

Blood, Sex & Royalty (Historical Documentary)

A steamy British show unfolding pages of the lives of monarchs from the past. Blood, Sex & Royalty reveals the story of Anne Boleyn, who had a romantic relationship with King Henry VII. Caught in the vines of steamy and dangerous events, you will get to learn about iconic monarchs, among which some were deadly. The show hit Netflix this November and will be a great addition to your watchlist.

Wednesday – Season 1 (Series)


Wednesday is a spinoff for the iconic character from the famous movie The Addams Family, Wednesday Addams. We get to follow her through her magic learning journey at Nevermore Academy. She rose to the wall of fame by solving a lifelong mystery and halting a murder attempt. Considered the star of November, the series has a nice touch of humour infused with the dark horror that comes with these Halloween icons. 

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