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There are several elements people look for when they choose a film to see. Whatever its genre, viewers look for excellence in performances, storyline, dialogue, special effects and the delivery of the film’s message to the audience. These elements put many films on the list of the highest-grossing films of all time.

It’s difficult to sum up the highest-grossing films in just one article; that’s why we’ll talk about the first 30 of these films, a small snippet about each film and its total gross during its run time in box offices, both domestically in the North America market as well as overseas.

The 30 Highest-Grossing Films of All Time

1.    Avatar (2009):

James Cameron did it again after Titanic and came back with an unpredictable science fiction that drew viewers into its world. Avatar spent seven consecutive weekends as the no. 1 film at the U.S. box office, thenafter about a month and a half from its release, the film became the highest domestic grossing film. The film continued to gross more earnings for about six years, earning more than $ 2 billion worldwide. In 2019, Avatar moved to second place after the release of Avengers: Endgame, only to regain its position afterwards with the announcement that Avatar 2 is coming, pushing Avatar back into first place.

Avatar tells the story of the land of Pandora and its native inhabitants, the Na’vi, who are more technologically advanced than humans are, despite their seemingly primitive life. Pandora’s environment is considered poisonous to humans and Na’vi hybrids, which they call Avatars; a link to a human’s mind is necessary not to be harmed by Pandora’s environment. A former Marine officer known as Jake Sully, who has paralysis, is able to move again when he connects to an Avatar and falls in love with Neytiri, a Na’vi woman. Conflict arises when Jake finds himself torn between the new home he found and his orders.

Genre: Fantasy, Action and Adventure.

Total Gross: $2.847 billion.

2.    Avengers: Endgame (2019):

Fans have been eagerly waiting for Endgame for a long time; that during its first week at the box office, it made more than half a billion dollars. After a month and a half of its release, Endgame only needed $73 million to make to dethrone Avatar, and while slightly being able to do so between 2019 and 2020, the release of Avatar in China pushed James’ Cameron’s creation to the first place again.

The end of Iron Man’s journey, the most brutal sacrifice in the Marvel series of movies, is also the most heartbreaking. The journey of Endgame begins and ends with Tony Stark, Iron Man, as he and the Avengers, brought back from the past, must fight hand in hand to defeat the evil Thanos after he’d destroyed everything. 

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Adventure.

Total Gross: $2.798 billion.

3.    Titanic (1997):

It wasn’t the first time James Cameron had gone above and beyond making films that will both achieve success and continue to be all-time favourites, such as Terminator 2 and The Abyss. Some were worried Titanic wouldn’t score enough to cover the massive budget spent on it, but what happened is that James Cameron created a phenomenon with this film. Titanic held the no. 1 spot for 15 consecutive weeks, won 11 out of the 14 Oscar awards it was nominated for, and the film and its heart-melting song “My Life Will Go On”, were forever engraved in hearts around the globe.

Aboard the R.M.S. Titanic, there are passengers from every background, and then there’s Rose and Jack. Rose, the breathtakingly beautiful aristocratic girl who despises the pretentious world around her and seeks a moment of freedom, and Jack, who boarded the Titanic with hopes and dreams of a new world. Their powerful love will go on to inspire others for years and years to come, especially when we take into consideration the true events that inspired the film.

Genre: Romance, Drama and History.

Total Gross: $2.202 billion.

4.    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015):

Twelve years passed since the last Star Wars film, and the risk was high to make a new one with many questions looming in the air, if people still yearned for more Star Wars? The answer was quick to follow the release of the film, scoring $247.9 million during the opening weekend. Until today, The Force Awakens achieved the highest gross domestically, even passing Avatar.

A new threat is upon the galaxy from Kylo Ren, joined by the First Order. An unlikely duo made of Fin, who defects and leaves, ending up on a desert planet, and a scavenger named Rey, seek the guidance of Han Solo. The trio work together to deliver the position of the last living Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker, to the Resistance, in order to help them fight Ren and the Order.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Fantasy and Adventure.

Total Gross: $2.070 billion.

5.    Avengers: Infinity War (2018):

This film which gathered all the characters from every Marvel production for a showdown with the powerful Thanos came about ten years after the start of the Marvel productions. The best part about Infinity War was its cliffhanger, where fans had to wait another year for Endgame to be released in order to know how the war ended. Infinity War scored $257.6 million during its opening weekend and passed the 2 billion mark about a month and a half.

As Thanos seeks the Infinity Stones, he is on a mission to reshape life on Earth as he’d done to previous planets. All the original Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, the Black Widow, Thor, Hulk, Dr Strange and all the rest of the Avengers come together as one to prevent Thanos from possessing the stones. As they raced with time to prevent him from getting the last stone, the world turned upside down.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Fantasy and Adventure.

Total Gross: $2.048 billion.

6.    Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021):

Bringing back more beloved characters is one of the many feats that many fans went to see No Way Home, in addition to the great plot, performances, the use of magic and the multiverse. The massive success of this film was surprising to many since it was released when Covid-19 was still raging and many were still in lockdown. But No Way Home became the most successful and highest-grossing of all Spider-Man films, as well as Sony Pictures’ most successful production.

After the reveal that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, Peter finds the people he loves in harm’s way because of his actions. He seeks the help of Dr Strange, who offers him a spell that will make everyone forget about him. Peter keeps asking for changes in the spell until it tears a part of the current universe. Through this tear, all of Spider-Man’s nemeses enter this universe, as well as Spider-Man from other universes, putting Peter in charge of the future of the multiverse.

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure and Comedy.

Total Gross: $1.914 billion.

7.    Jurassic World (2015):

Grizzly, chaotic and packed full of action, Jurassic World is considered to the like Jaws for the current generation. This film comes in second place in the number of views in the Jurassic series. Despite being released the same year as The Avengers and Minions, Jurassic World has achieved $600 million domestically, making it the 3rd film to achieve such a score since Titanic.

The luxury resort called Jurassic World is located close to Costa Rica’s coast, and it is home to many dinosaurs that have been genetically modified. The dinosaurs are well taken care of, especially under the supervision of Owen, otherwise known as the Dinosaur Whisperer. However, when one of the most intelligent dinosaurs, Indominus Rex, escapes, it prompts the remaining dinosaurs to follow suit. Owen and Claire, one of the guides at the resort, have the tricky job of protecting Claire’s nephews as well as getting people off the resort safely.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Mystery and Thriller.

Total Gross: $1.671 billion.

8.    The Lion King (2019):

After the success achieved by both Beauty and The Beast and The Jungle Book, Disney came back with another reimagining, The Lion King. The first release of this childhood favourite back in 1994 was a massive success, and viewers’ hearts and minds were to remain gripped by its events until this day. This remake grossed $191 million upon release, earning this live version of The Lion King the 8th position in the list of the highest-grossing films of all time, the 14th position to gross more than half a billion in the domestic box office and the 9th position to gross more than a billion in the international box office.

Scar has always envied his loved brother, the King of the Forest, Mufasa. By tricking Mufasa’s young son, Simba, into thinking he caused his father’s death, Scar urges Simba to run away so he could become King. Simba grows with Timon and Pumbaa, and after a surprising encounter with a lioness, Simba returns to reclaim his throne as The Lion King.

Genre: Adventure, Kids and Family, Drama.

Total Gross: $1.663 billion.

9.    The Avengers (2012):

The first gathering of each Avenger to combat the devilish Loki proved to be more successful than when each Avenger was working alone. This film grossed more than any Avenger introduction film, which is a total of five films. The work of Thor, Iron Man and Captain America proved to attract viewers, grossing more than $200 million in one weekend, not to mention it bought Marvel the entry ticket into the Billion-Dollar Club.

To combat the immense power Loki could access after finding the Tesseract, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s director Nick Fury goes on a mission to gather the Avengers to face Loki and his army. The Avengers that answer the call include Iron Man, Thor the God of Thunder, the Hulk, the Black Widow, Captain America and Hawkeye.

Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Action.

Total Gross: $1.519 billion.

10. Furious 7 (2015):

The Furious return again in their most successful franchise to date, in what has become a signature film combining heart-racing action with supercars. This part of the entire series attracted more viewers for several reasons, but the sudden death of Paul Walker was the biggest one; it felt as if they were paying tribute to Brian O’Conner’s last appearance. This success showed in the opening weekend, which grossed $147 million.

After the crew defeated Owen Shaw, the international terrorist, they were eager to return to more slowly-paced lives. However, Owen’s brother, Deckard Shaw, comes seeking revenge for what happened with his brother. Agent Luke Hobbs offers to help the crew deal with Deckard in exchange for their help in rescuing a computer hacker who was kidnapped after developing an advanced surveillance program.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery and Thriller.

Total Gross: $1.516 billion.

11. Top Gun: Maverick (2022):

When the first Top Gun film was released in 1986, it also hit high on the charts with $176.8 million domestically and $357.3 million at the international box office. More than three decades later, the sequel grossed more than the first film at the U.S. box office alone, earning it spot no. 7 in the domestic film chart and no. 13 on the international charts, grossing more than $1.3 billion. Top Gun: Maverick is still running in box offices around the world and is expected to gross more over the upcoming period.

Pete Mitchell, or Maverick, has spent the past 30 years living his dream life as a test pilot and one of the Navy’s best, that is. He gets tasked with training a special detachment of Top Gun for a demanding and dangerous mission, and he comes in contact with Lt. Bradley Bradshaw, who happens to be the son of his late friend. Maverick is chased by the ghosts of his past, all while having to guide these pilots through the risky mission they were trained for.

Genre: Action and Adventure.

Total Gross: $1.455 billion.

12. Frozen II (2019):

Sisters Anna and Elsa return for a new adventure; Frozen II was a must for all of those who loved the first film, despite that this second round scored a little lower with the critics than the first one. Frozen II scored $130.26 million on its opening weekend, putting it in the third spot as the highest-grossing animated film. The film also became the highest-grossing animation film during the Thanksgiving weekend that year, becoming the 6th of Disney’s films to score more than $1 billion, until it eventually became the highest-grossing animation film of all time.

Snow Queen Elsa has been feeling like a stranger in her own home; she feels as if her powers have enforced solitude on her. Elsa decides to leave her home in Arendelle and go into the forest to discover who she feels she truly is.

Genre: Animation, Kids and Family, Adventure, Musical and Comedy.

Total Gross: $1.450 billion.

13. Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015):

Despite the shy success of Age of Ultron, it was a disappointment to many, which showed in its box office results., it couldn’t even gross as much as The Avengers film back in 2012. Many critics see this film in the series was overshadowed by Jurassic World, but it did manage to book a spot, the 16th, on the list of films that grossed more than $400 million in the domestic market after its release.

Tony Stark is up to his usual technological inventions, but he accidentally causes things to get out of hand when he fiddles with a peacekeeping program. To save the day, he must team up with his band of Avengers, including Thor and the Hulk, to defend Earth from the evils of Ultron, during which they find the powerful Wanda and her brother Pietro Maximoff.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy and Action.

Total Gross: $1.402 billion.

14. Black Panther (2018):

It was time for the introduction of Prince T’Challa, after his brief appearance in Captain America: Civil War. This film was much awaited, and it did not disappoint; the represented culture, the beauty of nature, and the representation of African heritage were all attractive factors for the viewers. On its opening weekend, Black Panther grossed $200 million, making it the 5th film in history to do so, as well as making $700 million in North American box offices, ranking at 3rd place. However, Black Panther’s domestic gross was higher than its international gross.

Prince T’Challa returns to Wakanda to assume his rightful position as King after the murder of his father. The young prince doesn’t only face a powerful enemy who threatens his rich land, but he also faces challenges from rivals who deem themselves more worthy of the throne. T’Challa must rally the people behind him so they could together defend their land and save Earth as well.

Genre: Action, Fantasy and Adventure.

Total Gross: $1.348 billion.

15. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part II (2011):

The terminal battle between good and evil has come to an end, and Harry Potter fans felt victory at last. Despite everyone who read the books knowing how the fight was going to end, fans were still not ready to bid Harry, Ron, Hermione and all the characters goodbye. This 8th film, or the second half of the 7th book, grossed $169.1 million on its opening weekend and a whopping $960 million internationally, which puts it in 3rd place after Avatar and Titanic. The entire eight films of Harry Potter grossed a total of $7.72 billion by the end of its run.

This is it; this is where they make their last stand. Harry, Ron and Hermione keep searching for the Horcruxes to deprive Voldemort of obtaining immortality. Retreating to Hogwarts, the life-long friends, their esteemed professors, classmates, and everyone who’s either suffered a loss at the hands of evil Voldemort or believes in the power of good joins the trio as they fight their last battle. The final showdown between Harry, the boy who lived, and Voldemort is one for the records.

Genre: Fantasy and Adventure.

Total Gross: $1.342 billion.

16. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017):

While not seen by many critics as a successful Star Wars Episode, this film is still considered to have built a bridge between new fans and the upcoming franchises of the series. Several other films in the franchise also didn’t see much success, such as The Empire Strikes Back and Attack of the Clones. The Last Jedi is estimated to have grossed 33.8% less than The Force Awakens.

Luke Skywalker’s peaceful solitary is disturbed when he meets a young woman known as Rey, who happens to display sighs of the Force. Skywalker has a decision to make when Rey seeks to learn everything about the ways of the Jedi; will he put his hand in hers and guide her through this journey? On the other side, a ferocious battle is coming over control over the galaxy, between the Resistance and Kylo Ren, General Hux and the First Order.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Fantasy and Adventure.

Total Gross: $1.333 billion.

17. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018):

Despite falling short of achieving the same successes as the previous Jurassic World of 2015, this film still managed to get on the list of the highest-grossing films in North America, ranking at no. 23 as well as no. 13 worldwide. Fallen Kingdom scored 36% less than Jurassic World, but it came in second place among the highest domestic grossing films in the summer season of 2018.

After the catastrophic destruction of Jurassic World three years ago, Owen and Claire are on a new mission to save the remaining dinosaurs from the eruption of a volcano on Isla Nublar. Except that they encounter so many surprises on the island, including new breeds of dinosaurs they’d never seen before and, most terrifyingly, a woven conspiracy is threatening life on the entire planet.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Mystery and Thriller.

Total Gross: $1.311 billion.

18. Frozen (2013):

The tales of two sisters, which captured the hearts of audiences, big and small, from the first lines of the story, was, without a doubt, to become the highest-grossing animation film in history. Frozen won several Oscar awards, including Best Song for “Let it Go” and the award for Best Animated Feature. The film grossed $875.7 million worldwide, beating Ice Age: Continental Drift, making it the highest international gross ever.

Frozen tells the heartwarming story of sisters Elsa and Anna, where Elsa finds she has a unique gift of creating ice and snow; she hides away after she accidentally causes her sister to fall and is injured. Anna doesn’t give up on her sister, and she persists through the years in helping her sister to come out to the world. Searching for true love, the sisters prove that “Love will thaw” a frozen heart.

Genre: Animation, Musical, Kids and Family, Adventure, Comedy and Fantasy.

Total Gross: $1.290 billion.

19. Beauty and The Beast (2017):

The classic tale of Belle venturing into the Beast’s lair to rescue her father became one of the most successful re-imaginings by Disney at the time of its release. This reimagining crossed the half-a-billion dollar mark in North American box offices, ranking at 7th place on that list, while it ranked at no. 17 of the films that made three-quarters of a billion internationally. The film’s soundtrack was also one to live on as well.

When Belle ventures into the Beast’s castle to ask for her father’s release, she is taken prisoner. But the bright and intelligent young woman befriends the castle’s staff, who help her draw out the shy Beast, who deems himself unworthy of love. They both learn about each other, about love and how everyone deserves to be unconditionally loved.

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Kids and Family and Musical.

Total Gross: $1.274 billion.

20. Incredibles 2 (2018):

This sequel, although 14 years after the first film, surpassed the success of the first film, earning more than double the profits of the first one and went on to be the highest-grossing animation film at the box office ever. Adding in Pixar’s touch on the film, it ranked at no. 9 of the films that crossed $600 million at the domestic box office and still reserved a spot among the highest-grossing films domestically.

After The Incredibles had fallen out of favour with the world, it was up to Elastigirl to work with Winston Deavor, a telecommunications businessman and his sister to patch things up with the public. On the other hand, Mr Incredible gets to stay home with the kids and at the same time watch his little baby, Jack-Jack, discover his powers. A devilish person by the name of Screenslaver seeks to control superheroes, and it will take the unity of all The Incredibles and their friends to stop them.

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Action, Kids and Family.

Total Gross: $1.243 billion.

21. The Fate of the Furious (2017):

Coupled together with its predecessor, Furious 7, they both grossed a total of $2.75 billion worldwide. However, on its own, Fate of the Furious fell behind both Furious 7 and even the 6th part of the franchise in the domestic box office but grossed really well worldwide. Fate of the Furious was one of the films that made more than $1 billion at the international box office, ranking at no. 6 on the list.

The crew could finally taste what everyday life feels like; with the retirement of Brian and Mia and the marriage of Dom and Letty, the rest of the crew went about their lives as normal as they could. It was until Cipher, an evil and mysterious woman somehow manages to force Dom to betray his crew, that chaos ensued. The crew must group together again and help bring back the man who brought them together.

Genre: Action, Mystery and Thriller and Adventure.

Total Gross: $1.238 billion.

22. Iron Man 3 (2013):

This last film of the Iron Man story came after The Avengers and is considered to be the most successful of the Iron Man trilogy. The film scored $400 million after its release and was ranked as the 13th film to do so in the initial run. Iron Man 3 is also considered to be the highest-grossing film of the MCU that isn’t an Avengers film, to score more than $805 million internationally.

Following the epic save of New York City, Tony Stark’s character is infused more into the suit that makes him Iron Man. This infusion is affecting everything in his life, including his relationship with his love, Pepper. Tony will have to get out of this small world of his to fight to save everything and everyone he loves, battling a new evil character who calls himself The Mandarin.

Genre: Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Total Gross: $1.215 billion.

23. Minions (2015):

It was about time to give these funny and quirky little fellas the story they deserve. Minions became Illumination Entertainment’s highest-grossing opening, with a total of $115.7 million on the first weekend after its release. While Despicable Me 2 grossed more than Minions at the domestic box office, the film grossed $823.4 million internationally, making it the second-highest-grossing film overseas.

Minions have existed since the beginning of time, evolving with life and keeping their ultimate goal of finding an evil master to serve. However, with limited success, the minions fall into a dull life and are plagued with desperation. Kevin, one of them, has a plan to seek the evilest master they could find and heads to Villain Con, where he and his two companions, Bob and Stuart, meet Scarlet Overkill. Except that they somehow ruin Scarlet’s plans, and they find themselves and their tribe in danger.

Genre: Animation, Kids and Family, Adventure and Comedy.

Total Gross: $1.159 billion.

24. Captain America: Civil War (2016):

Even though this film isn’t officially an Avengers film, many consider Civil War to be an essential part of the Avengers franchise, mainly because it introduces many new characters, such as Spider-Man and Black Panther. Following its release, it ranked at no. 5 of the highest openings in history, grossing $179.1 million the first weekend, but this position changed to 11th place now. Internationally, the film grossed $745 million, pushing the film over the $1 billion mark.

After their previous actions caused so much damage, an accountability system is inevitable, creating disagreements between the Avengers. The main disagreeing parties are Captain America, who believes superheroes should have the freedom to act, especially in emergencies, and Iron Man, on the other side, who thinks supervision is a must. Two Avengers who battle it off and are forced to take a side are the Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Genre: Action, Fantasy and Adventure.

Total Gross: $1.153 billion.

25. Aquaman (2018):

How to introduce the newest superhero in D.C.? A small hint in one of D.C.’s previous films meant Aquaman was coming. Long-awaited, the film had a somewhat disappointing opening, ranking in second place among the smallest opening films of all time. Aquaman did make up for its rough start; as the holiday season came, the film made profits that were five times more than its opening weekend. It was this increase in profit that made Aquaman the most successful film since 1989’s Batman.

The once advanced city of Atlantis now lies underwater. It is under the control of King Orm, a greedy and power-hungry king with plans to conquer the remaining underwater kingdoms before heading up to the surface. Arthur or Aquaman is the rightful heir to the throne; he’s half human and half Atlantean but lived most of his life on Earth, helping those he calls family and friends. Mera and Vulko seek Arthur and convince him to find the Trident of Atlan to defeat Orm and reclaim his rightful throne.

Genre: Fantasy, Action and Adventure.

Total Gross: $1.149 billion.

26. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003):

The finale of this masterpiece swept Oscars as it swept views, nominated for 11 Academy Awards, Return won all of them, including both Best Director and Best Picture. Quickly becoming of the best-reviewed films in 2003, Return ranked at no. 4 of the highest-grossing films in the domestic market. When its run finished internationally, it ranked behind Titanic as having the highest total overseas gross.

Based on the last film of J.R.R Tolkien’s books, Return of the King dramatically shows the final battle between the good and evil forces that fight over who gets to control the Middle-Earth. Frodo and Sam, the hobbits, are able to reach Mordor, seeking to rid of the “one ring”, as well as the fight between the good forces of Aragorn and the evil forces of Sauron.

Genre: Fantasy and Adventure.

Total Gross: $1.146 billion.

27. Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019):

Far from Home became Sony’s first production to join the $1 Billion Club, making it the company’s highest-grossing film ever. What shows that people love Spider-Man is that 8 of Sony’s most successful and highest-grossing films involved his character one way or the other. This film was the 9th film by Marvel Cinematic Universe to cross the $1 billion mark, not to mention that Spider-Man has appeared in four other productions of other members by MCU.

The relaxing European vacation Peter Parker was dreaming about unfortunately came to an end when he encountered Nick Fury, who’d come to recruit him. Peter and his school friends notice a strange phenomenon caused by four strange creatures that represent the main elements, Earth, water, air and fire. Unable to stand still, Peter puts on his superhero suit and helps Fury.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Comedy and Adventure.

Total Gross: $1.132 billion.

28. Captain Marvel (2019):

With a brief introduction in Infinity War, Captain Marvel has proven to be a much-awaited film by millions. Brie Larson’s performance drew in more viewers, and the film surpassed the total gross of Wonder Woman, both domestically and globally. Captain Marvel, besides Black Panther, were the only two films to spend 10 consecutive weeks in the box office’s top 10 in 2018-2019. In comparison with other MCU films, Captain Marvel ranked 7th on the billion-dollar global club.

Captain Marvel suddenly found herself in the middle of a hectic war between her people, the Kree and the Skrulls. Carol Danvers living on Earth in 1995, keeps having dreams of a pilot in the U.S. Air Force with the same name. Carol seeks the help of Nick Fury, who helps her hone her powers and prepare her to put an end to the war between the Kree and the Skrulls.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Fantasy and Adventure.

Total Gross: $1.129 billion.

29. Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011):

Dark of the moon may not be the most successful film of the franchise, domestically or internationally. However, it still managed to be the highest-grossing film of the franchise internationally. The film also passed the $300 million mark in the domestic market in 2011, considering this part had the lowest budget of all the Transformers films.

The war between the Decepticons and the Autobots is still raging when their leader Optimus Prime has the idea of resurrecting an ancient transformer known as Sentinel Prime to help tip the scales in their favour. However, this resurrection tipped the scales in favour of the Decepticons, and the Autobots are again left to not only face their eternal enemies but also defeat the powerful ancient transformer.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action and Adventure.

Total Gross: $1.124 billion.

30. Skyfall (2012):

If Pierce Brosnan was seen as the lucky coin for the James Bond franchise, Daniel Craig was an even luckier one, especially in his role in Skyfall, which made more than $300 million domestically and more than $1 billion worldwide. There were several films from this series that would’ve crossed the $300 million mark today as well, hadn’t they gotten help from inflation. Such films as Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice.

Agent 007’s latest assignment goes horribly wrong, causing total chaos and exposing MI6 agents around the world, putting their lives in grave danger. M takes the decision to relocate MI6 to a safer place, but she fears that the agency has been infiltrated, so she seeks Bond’s help. With the help of Eve, James is able to trace the lead back to a blast from M’s past called Silva, who came looking for revenge.

Genre: Action, Mystery and Thriller and Adventure.

Total Gross: $1.109 billion.

Films rise and fall on the list of the highest-grossing films of all time, but many of them will remain favourites no matter their spot on the list. Which ones are your favourites, and which do you think were a flop?

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