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Disney has always been known as an entertainment outlet for the whole family! That does not only mean that Disney movies and shows can *mostly* be watched by the entire family without worrying about age-appropriate content, but also that each family member can find something they like on Disney.

The existence of Disney Plus made movies and shows even more accessible and easier to find. We no longer have to wait for our favourite movie to be aired on Disney Channel or ABC Family. We can just log into our Disney Plus account from *almost* anywhere in the world and play whatever movie we want! From movies for toddlers and tween to movies for full-blown adults and middle-aged men, Disney Plus has it all!

However, having so many options can be a double-edged sword! We can spend hours browsing the endless catalogue of movies on Disney Plus, trying to find something that strikes our fancy. To avoid that dilemma, we’ve prepared a list of movies on Disney Plus for each member of your esteemed family. From your fussy toddler to your moody teenage daughter to the mom working all day and needing a break, we have movies on Disney Plus for all of them!

Movies on Disney Plus Are Not Just For Kids

Some people think that Disney Plus only has movies and shows for their toddlers and tweens. That’s very common but also very wrong! Disney Plus is not only a place for Disney Channel programs. It’s a place for all projects under Disney as a company. That means you can find movies such as Hannah Montana the Movie and all the Marvel Cinematic Universe catalogue, Star Wars, and even Oscar-winning films like Jojo Rabbit!

In the spirit of “Disney Plus movies for everyone”, we have prepared some movie recommendations for every single member of your family! These are not movies for the whole family to watch together —even though some can be, but movies for each individual member to watch when the mood strikes for a solo movie night. So, without further ado, choose your place in your family and check out our recommendations for you!

Movies for Toddlers

Here is the thing: toddlers don’t know how to choose movies, which is excellent for you. Why? Because it is your only chance to introduce them to the movies you loved growing up! Yes, you can do it as they grow up, but your chances will just decrease with time. But also try not to get too carried out with your nostalgia. There are many new great films made for kids these days, and you do not want your kid to miss out on them!

Garfield (2004)

What toddler will not fall head over heels for a talking cat? Garfield is funny, adventurous, and does everything kids wish they could do (trouble). But Garfield is not a flawed role model, which is crucial when choosing a movie for your toddler. He learns from his mistakes, and your toddler will learn many life lessons by watching him.

Ice Age (2002-2016)

For some reason, children absolutely love talking animals! The Ice Age films are one of the most beloved movies for toddlers. They love watching Scrat run around trying to get hold of his pine nut throughout the entire film franchise. Ice Age is funny and adventurous and pushes a great message about the importance of caring for your family and friends.

Luca (2021)

Luca is one of the newest films by Disney and Pixar. If you have loved watching The Little Mermaid as a child, this is your child’s version of this film (arguably better!). Luca is a sea monster who finds out that he can turn into a human while on land. It is a story about friendship and the importance of caring about your friends while not losing yourself or your dreams. It’s warm, funny and as emotional as you expect a Pixar movie to be.

Movies for Tweens

Tweens are in this age where they are no longer little kids but not full teenagers either. They usually still enjoy children’s movies but pretend they don’t so they can be taken more seriously! You can play into that by introducing them to newer versions of beloved children’s stories and movies where the protagonist is close to their own age. Many movies on Disney Plus fit that description.

The Little Mermaid (2023)

Speaking of The Little Mermaid, Disney is currently remaking all their classic stories into live-action. Their latest project was The Little Mermaid with Halle Bailey. This version is great for tweens who have not grown up with the animated version. It sheds light on Ariel’s story and her love for the human world. The movie focuses on Ariel’s fascination with knowledge, besides her romance with Prince Eric. It’s an excellent watch for tween and their parents as well!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2021)

Gen Z grew up with Diary of a Wimpy Kid as their guide to the tween years. Your child might be too young to remember those books coming out, but lucky them, they get to watch the animated movie! Greg is a very relatable character to kids just starting middle school and feeling like they are no longer children but not yet adults. His quickness, clumsiness and heart make him a beloved character that your kid will not get enough of.

Chronicles of Narnia (2005-2010)

It’s a classic that never gets old! If you are a parent of a tween, it is almost guaranteed that YOU grew up watching or reading the Chronicles of Narnia. The story of the four siblings who went into their closet only to come out into a whole different world is universally cherished. Every kid dreams of going into such an adventure, and watching the Pevensie siblings go on theirs is exhilarating! Chronicles of Narnia is one of those movies on Disney Plus where you can manage to bond with your tween.

Movies for Teenagers

Teenagers are the most complicated people to recommend anything to! Anything you think is cool, they probably won’t, just to vex you! But if your teenager is not like that (lucky you!) Then we have some great movies on Disney Plus for them, from a darker live-action twist on a beloved tale to an early 2000s classic teenage movie to more modern adaptations with an important message. These films are perfect for teens!

Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Forget about the meek, quiet Alice from the old tale we know! This Alice is going to train to kill the Jabberwocky and save Wonderland! This live-action film follows Alice as a grown woman about to get married. This Alice has already had her adventure in Wonderland as a child, but she can’t really remember it all! As she visits Wonderland again, she finds that things are worse than how she left them, and she must try to help her friends. This is one of the best movies on Disney Plus, and your teenager will love it!

The Princess Diaries (2001)

Teens can pretend to be cool and cold all they want, but no one can say no to watching Mia Thermopolis become the Princess of Genova! This classic film has proven to be a timeless classic that captures the hearts of teenagers (and adults!). This movie shaped the successful career of Anne Hatheway and cemented her as an icon of the early 2000s films. A movie about embracing change and responsibility is definitely good for your teenager to watch. It helps that it’s also fun and charming!

The Hate U Give (2013)

This film is one of the greatest films your teenager can watch. It’s a bit heavy and emotional, but it will help your teenager better understand race and how it affects someone’s life experiences. The Hate U Give is based on a YA book by Angie Thomas and follows the story of a young black girl as her neighbourhood falls into chaos when the police murder a young boy. The movie touches on essential subjects but handles them with care. 

Note: Sit with your teenager through the movie if they need explanations or emotional support as they watch.

Movies for Young Adults

Darker themes, a bit more violence, and R-rated jokes are what young adults are attracted to in movies. We did not make the rules; we just followed them. Disney does not see that line too closely, so don’t worry. Many great young adult movies on Disney Plus are both grown and still fun and appropriate for a larger audience. 

Cruella (2021)

Cruella is an excellent film for both teenagers and young adults. But since it tells the story of a young woman trying to find her way in life, we thought it would be more relatable for young people in their twenties. The film tells the origin story of Cruella De Vil from the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians. As a young woman, Cruella wanted to become a fashion designer, but life got in the way. The movie is less about her evil nature and more about her ambition and how she worked hard to achieve her goals.

Black Widow (2021)

After more than ten years since the debut of Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Natasha Romanoff finally got her solo movie! The film takes place right after Captain America: Civil War and follows Natasha as she is on the run. It’s a perfect spy movie with great action sequences and heartfelt moments. Young people who have been watching MCU films all their lives have been waiting for this movie for years, and Disney did not disappoint!

Deadpool (2016)

When Deadpool came out in 2016, no one knew what to expect from this film. An R-rated X-Men movie has always been something people wanted, but a Deadpool solo movie? No one knew what to think. But Ryan Reynolds came to deliver! The R-rated action comedy is one of the best superhero movies ever made. It’s funny, exciting, and will keep you on your toes —laughing till your stomach hurts! Your young adult will love this movie!

Movies for Mums

After a long day working and caring for their families, all mums want is some quiet time to take a breath and relax. We have some great recommendations for movies on Disney Plus that can help mums do just that!

Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

Marry Poppins is one of the most beloved stories in Disney history, and this time, we’re going to tell the story of how it came to life! Saving Mr. Banks follows the story of P.L. Travers as Walt Disney tries to convince her to sell him the rights to adapt her beloved book. The film portrays the power of stories and how our personal experiences can be reflected in our work. Saving Mr. Banks is a wonder story of family, creativity and letting go of the past for a brighter future.

Joy (2015)

Mums know what it’s like to get swept up in your family’s life that you forget about yourself and your own dreams. Joy is the story of a young divorced mother with a love for inventions. Having always struggled financially, Joy uses what she has to invent new tools to help her with her housework. When she creates a self-wringing mop, her grandmother and her best friend encourage her to sell her invention and make money for herself. Joy is a story about how it’s never too late to follow your dreams!

The Other Woman (2014)

Mums deserve a good laugh, and The Other Women is the film for that! This women-led comedy is about a woman who discovers her seemingly perfect boyfriend is a married man. Instead of breaking things off, she seeks revenge, teaming up with the boyfriend’s wife and his other young girlfriend. The film is what every woman wishes she could do to her cheating partner and more! Hilarious and empowering, The Other Woman is the perfect film for a solo movie night.

Movies for Dads

It’s always hard to recommend movies for your dad, to get gifts, or to order food with your dad… The world has not yet discovered why dads are so hard to please! But don’t worry, we’ve got two films we think your father will enjoy! Or at least one of them!

Kingsmen: The Secret Service (2015)

Spies, check. Action sequences, check. Thrilling plot, check. Men in suits are badass, check. We think Kingsmen: The Secret Service is the ultimate dad movie! It checks all the boxes and will keep any father on the edge of their seat. The story about a secret British society of spies is super fresh and classic at the same time. The film uses all the best tropes of classic spy movies while still keeping things exciting and unpredictable!

The Banshees of Inisherin (2022)

If your father is not the spy/action type, no worries! This Oscar-nominated film might be more his fancy. The story of a middle-aged man whose best friend suddenly decides he no longer wishes to be his friend is both heartbreaking and eye-opening at the same time. As Padraic tries to understand why his lifelong friend Colm no longer wants to be his friend, you get to understand that sometimes things happen, and we just need to accept them for what they are.

All of these movies are only some of the movies on Disney Plus! As you search, you will find many more films that can suit all family members —yes, even your granny! If you still need more recommendations, we’ve got them! Check out our list of the ultimate best movies on Disney Plus!

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