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Netflix and HBO Max have both been around for quite some time. Both streaming services have created a name for themselves, but only one can be the best. This is why we’re here to compare their price points, libraries, original programming and more. After all, it is left for you to decide which of them suits your needs best.

Netflix vs HBO Max

Netflix is the cheaper option, but HBO Max has more content. If you’re interested in watching many new shows and movies, HBO Max is probably the better choice for you.

If you’re looking for a more affordable platform, then Netflix is probably the better option for you, not only because it is cheaper and has been offering many deals lately but also because it offers other benefits like original programming.

Netflix vs HBO Max - Which is Better?

Although HBO Max is the more expensive one, it actually offers higher quality content than Netflix. The subscription fee is about 15 dollars per month or 150 dollars yearly, while Netflix’s fee is about 13 dollars per month or 140 dollars per year, making HBO slightly more expensive by about 2 dollars monthly or 10 dollars yearly.

However, if you cancel your subscription or downgrade to the free plan for HBO Max after a month of signing up, you will be charged 15 dollars.

In summary, although HBO Max offers some great content, you have to decide for yourself if it’s worth the extra cost. However, if, for example, you’re a Game of Thrones fan and want to watch it, along with other shows, without cable, then it is definitely a great choice.

Netflix vs HBO Max - Which is Better?

Content Library

Netflix has more content than HBO Max, but only a few. HBO Max has a better selection of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and kids’ shows.

Netflix has over 1 million titles available, in addition to its original content, while HBO Max only has around 700 thousand titles available. The average movie or TV show on Netflix is about 90 minutes long; for HBO Max, it’s about 60 minutes long–which means you’ll get more bang for your buck in terms of watching time if you choose this service over Netflix.

Netflix vs HBO Max - Which is Better?

HBO Max has shows and movies that Netflix doesn’t have, including iconic titles like The Sopranos and The Wire.

Movies and Shows

Netflix has more movies and TV shows than HBO Max. However, the latter has a more extensive selection of original programming. If you’re looking forward to watching something that was recently released, then HBO Max is the right platform for you.

However, Netflix is a better fit in case you want to watch your classic favourite tv show or movies on the big screen. In a platform with over 100 million hours’ worth of movies and TV shows in 4k resolution and Dolby Vision, it is always easier to find whatever you’re looking for.

Netflix vs HBO Max - Which is Better?

HBO Max offers more titles in Dolby Atmos audio sound technology than any other service. This means that if a movie or show airs with Dolby Atmos soundtrack support (which typically means it was produced after 2008), then it will be available as an option when streaming through HBO — not just during playback on disc or Blu-ray discs played back through compatible devices like Playstation 4s/Xbox Ones/Rokus/Chromecasts etcetera but also while watching live television broadcasts via apps like NBC Sports Live Extra app which includes several sports events including NHL Hockey games being streamed live every week.

Original Programming

Netflix and HBO Max are known for their own original content, but Netflix has the edge in this area. There are currently over 100 original series/limited series on Netflix, in addition to movies, documentaries and even shows.

Netflix vs HBO Max - Which is Better?

HBO Max is also investing heavily in new shows, but it needs to clarify its strategy as they get started. In 2019, they announced 21 new shows, including comedy, drama, horror and sci-fi/fantasy genres, represented among them in one year. These include The Flight Attendant starring Anna Kendrick; Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi series Strange Angel; A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood, starring Tom Hanks as Mr Rogers; and Jordan Peele’s Lovecraft Country, based on Matt Ruff’s 2016 novel about racism in the 1950s America.

The Verdict

Netflix is the cheaper option, but HBO Max has more content. You can get a standard subscription for $13 per month, while HBO costs $15 per month–a difference of $2 per month! However, if you’re looking for original programming and exclusive content (which are both offered by HBO), then this might be acceptable for some.

Netflix vs HBO Max - Which is Better?

HBO Max has more original programming than Netflix does right now–and if there’s something specific about their shows that appeals to you (like Game of Thrones), then it may be worth coughing up some extra cash so they can keep making them for you.

HBO Max is the best option if you’re looking forward to watching one of their originals if the price is acceptable because it offers the widest variety of content and more original programming. However, Netflix makes a better choice when you want to enjoy the latest movies at the lowest prices or binge-watch the newest seasons of your favourite show.


Netflix vs HBO Max - Which is Better?

So, what have we learnt? Well, firstly, HBO Max is more expensive than Netflix. But the latter has more original programming to offer. Also, it’s only fair to consider the fact that many HBO Max shows are also available on Netflix; you can find many shows and limited series to binge-watch on both platforms. in other words, Netflix does have the widest varities, but HBO Max has a quality that is unbeatable.

Regarding the other streaming services, we can easily say that some are much better. For example, Hulu is the better choice when looking for movies or TV shows currently streaming. However, it has much less content than HBO Max or Netflix. On the other hand, Amazon Prime Video has similar benefits as Netflix in addition to the free two-day shipping benefit for particular items.

Now that you know all the pros and cons of HBO Max and Netflix, you can pick the platform that suits you better.

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